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New Year, New Desk: How to Make Your Workspace More Inspiring

Posted by Kirsten Agnello-Dean on Jan 10, 2017 11:06:00 AM
Kirsten Agnello-Dean

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How many hours a week do you spend at work? Whether you’re a telecommuter or a cubicle worker, your office space matters — especially since you’re living in it about 40 hours a week (more or less).

Redesigning workspace into an inspiring place might give you the impetus to look at 2017 in a new way. New Year, New You...right?  You can gain perspective simply by giving your workstation a makeover. What you might uncover under all that clutter and dust is some real New Year’s inspiration.

Here's How to Make Your Space More Inspiring


Change the mood lighting

How you see is just as important as what you see. Try full-spectrum lighting instead of basking in the glow of overhead fluorescents. If your workspace doesn’t allow ample light and you work in a city that experiences the full effects of winter’s gloom, consider lightening the mood. Discover the lighting that works best for you, whether it’s twinkly holiday bulbs all year-long or a $20 desk lamp.


Dump the bare walls — or de-clutter

The point is that you pick an office space that motivates. This may mean adding cool art to your walls. Or, motivation may mean getting organized by adding the efficiency of a bulletin board or whiteboard. Would you find it more motivating to stare at a list of deadlines and tasks, or would you prefer a nice Monet print?

You may do your best work when there is a complete absence of clutter — and art on the walls may be more distracting than inspiring. Changing your attitude may be as simple as changing what you look at every day. How will you change your world today?


Add a screen

Would your efficiency improve with the addition of another computer monitor? Would two — or three or four —monitors improve your ability to multi-task? Aside from looking like the deck of the “Starship Enterprise,” would multiple computer screens improve your functionality on the job you’re doing? Or, would adopting the look of a serious computer geek simply make you a happier person?


Embrace the pretty

We use the word “pretty” loosely. Remember, this workspace makeover is uniquely personal. “Pretty” could mean adding a planter, a funny bobble-head, or a motivational plaque.

If you replace the word “pretty” with “comfortable” or “welcoming,” you might start to understand what we’re going for. It could mean pink highlights — or it could require displaying a stuffed deer head on your wall. (OK, that won’t work in a cubicle.) Could a not-so-subtle DE motivational poster be exactly what you need to start your day in a good mood? Your call.

Inspire a Better Office Life

An office makeover may be exactly what you need to kick off a new era of inspiration this January 2017. Artisan’s theme for the year is “inspiring better lives,” a motto that could certainly begin with a revamp of your existing office space.

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