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Project Management Skills Every Professional Should Have

Posted by Kirsten Agnello-Dean on Oct 11, 2016 11:19:00 AM
Kirsten Agnello-Dean


We’d like to nominate a Project Manager for the presidency of the United States. 🇺🇸 A good Project Manager can really whip a team into shape – we bet even Congress.

If you’ve ever worked with a Project Manager, you understand how important they are to accomplishing a task. They are the heart and soul of a project, no matter what industry they’re in.

Project Managers have a task-oriented skill set that makes them great at getting things done.

They make sure projects are...

  • Organized
  • In Scope
  • On Strategy
  • Delivered On Time
  • On Budget

How do they do this? We’ve found that these individuals display a few consistent skills across a variety of tasks. Here are the top five project management skills everyone should have – whether you’re a professional Project Manager (PM) or not.

Project Managers Are...


The Kings and Queens of an Organization

PMs must keep all the moving parts of a project going, being careful to turn in deliverables on time and under budget. Their job is similar to a juggler who gets a few balls in the air, then adds a few more, adroitly keeping everything moving without dropping a single item.

Many PMs are skilled in a number of different project management software platforms, such as Trello, Clarizen, Mavenlink, and more. But we’ve seen most PMs function well without any software to back them up. Some of them just use white boards or even sticky notes to keep track of tasks. In our opinion, these organizational skills make them crown-worthy.


As Patient as a Saint

You truly can’t last long as a PM if you can’t handle the ups and downs and stresses that come with the job. We can’t say that good Project Managers don’t get impatient, but we can share that the best ones always bounce back and get the job done well.

Being patient means having the emotional maturity to handle the daily pressures of not getting exactly what you wanted while still finding a way to keep a project moving forward. Adapting to this repeatedly as you move toward a due date is exactly what should qualify good PMs for sainthood.


Flexible Like MacGyver

We heard they’re remaking the old TV series “MacGyver.” Do you remember it? The main character was always able to whip together the bits and pieces of found items to create something that saved the day. MacGyver’s unconventional way of solving problems is a necessity when you’re a Project Manager.


Leaders of the Free World

Project Managers understand that all people can’t be managed in the same way, so they lead through whip-cracking as well as by encouraging others to keep moving forward.

The best PMs understand that sometimes plowing through a roadblock is better than leading democratically – especially when you’re on deadline. The point here is that PMs know how to lead teams to accomplish tasks. This can be challenging, but good project managers do it well every single day.


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