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Should I Be on Snapchat?

Posted by Kirsten Agnello-Dean on Jul 1, 2016 11:30:00 AM
Kirsten Agnello-Dean


There’s still a little bit of controversy surrounding the Snapchat app. The program allows you to post a photo, add comments and send; but the photo only sticks around in cyberland for ten seconds before disappearing. Or at least what the platform tells us. Considering that most anything is retrievable on the Internet, we know those pictures have to be stored on a server somewhere. 

Controversy aside, could Snapchat become important to a business concerned with making a splash on social media? Hootsuite tells us that Snapchat receives as much traffic these days as Facebook. Business Insider puts the number at 100 million daily.  

Should I Be On Snapchat?

Business owners are asking themselves? "Should I Be on Snapchat?" Clearly, Snapchat is a venue where potential customers are flocking. But are they the right customers for your business? Which businesses are capitalizing on this platform and how are they using it?

Should a Business Snapchat?

While a business owner could argue that marketing and advertising should have repeated bang for the buck, the appeal of SnapChat is in its extreme embrace of the digital stream.

Snapchat is perhaps the most immediate of all the social media apps on the market. In an era where technology rules and the digital landscapes are constantly changing, Snapchat capitalizes on the fast-pace of social media by forcing it to go even faster. You post and watch the count down to zero, and your digital footprint is seemingly gone. Which could potentially entice you to post content repeatedly. That’s exactly why Snapchat users come back frequently; the content is guaranteed to never be the same.

Too, Snapchat is designed only for the mobile device, which forces a business to post original content.

If your business targets Millennials, Snapchat may be worth considering. The app is extremely popular with this demographic, and 54% say they use it every day.


Ways To Optmizie Snapchat

There are a few companies that seem to have mastered the app, and small businesses can take note of their example:

  • Gatorade earned 160 million impressions during the 2015 Super Bowl through an interactive campaign.
  • Starbucks used the Snap to successfully launch their new loyalty card.
  • AT&T used SnapChat during the NCAA Final Four basketball Championship in 2015 and documented one million impressions.

These companies use Snapchat GeoFilters as part of their brand building efforts. A GeoFilter is a customized logo that identifies the specific geographic location that goes with your picture. This location filter can be turned on or off with a swipe. These location filters aren't the same as a company logo; they are designed to enhance it. They are very popular with the 13 to 34 demographic; the top users of the SnapChat app.

Need Help with Snapchat?

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