3 Creative Marketing Ideas to Grab New Clients

When you're working on reaching out to clients, you need to be creative. While common ads and interactive Facebook pages can help you talk to your audience, being creative in how you explain and promote your business can help you succeed. Here are a few creative marketing techniques that you may want to implement. 

1. Join in with Weekly Hashtags

Online, one of the best ways to interact with a new audience is to join in with fun weekly hashtags. Some common hashtags include #ThrowbackThursday and #PicOfTheDay. Using well-known hashtags exposes your brand to others who are looking through them on social media websites, especially on Twitter and Instagram.

2. Commission a Mural in Your City

This is an underutilized marketing technique that can really boost your exposure in the local area. By commissioning a mural that is visible to the street, you'll have a permanent ad where passing traffic and pedestrians can view it. On top of that, murals are artistic, so they draw more attention and make people interested in finding out more about your business and why you'd commission this type of ad. 

For example, if you are a beer company, you may commission a mural on the side of a building with your logo. If you're a company that offers horseback riding lessons, a mural indicating this with beautiful scenery and horses can draw attention and gain you clients. 

3. Use Contests to Market

Contest marketing isn't entirely new, but it's ideal on social media platforms. Photo contests work well, because people are often posting photos and snapshots of their lives on platforms like Instagram or Tumblr. Ask your audience to post an image with your product; you could ask for an image of your product with a pet, in a creative location, or just with them in general. Using your own hashtag, you can track the submissions. Remember, each time a person submits an image, their followers along with yours will be able to see the images; that means you're exposing your brand to potentially hundreds of new potential clients. Remember to finalize the contest in a timely manner and make the winner public on your main page. 

Want More Creative Marketing Ideas?

When you're ready to market your company in a creative way, the right talent can help. Hiring a pro, whether freelance or fulltime, can catapult your client list. Find your nextMarketing Manager or Social Media Specialist with Artisan Talent.

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