4 Actions to Take Immediately Post Interview

All interviews are stressful, but there are some interviews that come by only once in a lifetime. Whether it's an interview that you never thought that you could land or just an unbelievably perfect position for you, the interview process isn't over when you walk out the door. Here are 4 post interview tips you should be following.

1. Send Your Follow Up and Thank You

As a job seeker, you surely already know that you should be sending a physical "thank you" card to your interviewers following each meeting. But if you really want to be an excellent candidate, you should also send a follow up with it. The follow up should include information regarding something that you and the interviewer discussed relevant to the position. For instance, you might say "We discussed one of my prior projects during the interview -- here's some more information regarding it."

2. Call Your References

Do you know what process most often delays the second round of interviews? Calling references. Many references don't answer, even after multiple calls. Make sure that you contact each of your references and let them know that someone will be calling and where they will be calling from. They need to know to answer the phone the moment they see that ID on their phone!

3. Check for Connections

Following the interview, you might want to do some electronic research. Using a networking service like LinkedIn, you can look for connections that you have within the company. Open up a line of communication and express your interest in the position. Be open and honest, but not desperate; let the person know that you want more information about the position and that you'd love to discuss it with them.

4. Prep Yourself for the Next Stage

If you do get a call back, it's often going to be for a second interview. The second interview goes much deeper and it is often with a panel of interviewers rather than a single interviewer. Practice your answers. Remember that things that came up in your first interview are likely to return in the second interview; if there were any questions that you had difficulty answering, now is the time to figure them out.

The important thing to remember is not to stress. Once you've done the above, sit back and wait. Don't drive yourself crazy over it -- and don't keep contacting the interviewer. Many wonderful interviews have been sabotaged last minute by an overly anxious interviewee. Need more tips or to brush up your interview skills? Contact one of our Talent Representatives today.

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