A Day in the Life of a UX Recruiter

We all know a friendly, local Recruiter! But what do they do all day anyway? What is an external Recruiter?

The best part about working with an external Recruiter is that you both usually have the same goal — getting you placed with the employer. If you have gaps or other issues, they may be able to help you strategize a way to present yourself in the best light. Don’t expect them to help you figure out what you want to do, but do expect them to provide you with some insight into what is going on inside the employer’s organization — what the “hot” issues are, who are apt to be your allies in the hiring process, and who the real decision makers are.

- Huffington Post

To get more insight and chat all about UX, we tapped one of our newest Recruiters in Chicago.

A Q+A with Creative Recruiter Amy Hayes

Artisan: How did you end up in recruiting?

Amy: I got my first Recruiting role after I graduated with my Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Loyola. Since then, I have held various HR and Career Counseling roles, but Recruiting is where my heart is.
I am passionate about helping people find their paths and advance in their careers, as well as helping companies to find talent that fit within their organizational culture. The right match is a win-win for all involved!

Why Artisan?

Artisan is a step above any recruiting agency for which I have ever worked. We are not just Recruiters — we are Talent Representatives, advocates for those with whom we work. We build and maintain relationships, and that's what I am all about! 

What's the most rewarding part of your job?

When I am able to not only help a company fill a role that will take their company to the next level, but also help an individual find a place they can work at and call home, advancing their careers to the next level.

What's the most important part of recruiting?

Getting to know your talent, and having a true understanding of what they do, and what they are seeking in their next roles. It's all about relationships! 

Do you have a favorite position to recruit for?

Yes! I love working with User Experience Designers. UX Designers are creative, yet technical, and tend to be very interesting, fun, and warm people!

What's the biggest mistake you see from job applicants?

Not tailoring their resumes and demonstrating how their experience is directly relevant to the position for which they are applying. 
Editor's Note: Need more help with your resume? Check out this free, downloadable guide.

What are some of your favorite ways to meet potential job candidates?

I love attending networking events, or meeting with candidates one-on-one, so I can truly get to know them as people.

What careers have you seen grow rapidly and whICH ones will continue to grow?

UX Designers, Web Developers, and Project Managers — anything digital!

Any words of wisdom for aspiring creatives?

Always work on honing your craft, and keep learning new skills.
Be sure to add a variety of projects to your portfolio — the portfolio shows the client what you can do, so put your best foot forward! And keep in mind — your portfolio is never "done." You should continue to add to it, develop it, and polish it on a continuous basis to ensure that your talent truly shines through!

Want to Meet Amy?

If you're looking for work in UX, UI, or another exciting digital field, give our Chicago office a call! Amy would be happy to help.

Connect with Amy on LinkedIn, follow Artisan, or submit your portfolio here. Get a jump start by searching our open jobs too.

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