How To Create a Better Office Environment

A position with good pay and benefits is always welcome, but there's more to a job than that. A pleasant working environment is something most people desire. After all, people often spend more of their waking hours at work than they do anywhere else. 

It's no surprise to most employers to learn a pleasant office environment makes for happier employees, but you may not realize optimizing the work environment can create employees who are more productive, creative, and collaborative.

Common Work Space Configurations Don't Always Work

Most office environments are either sectioned off into cubicles to keep workstations separate and semi-private, or they are open. Both of these setups have drawbacks, and advantages. While open spaces may promote more free-flowing communication, they can be distracting. Not everyone thrives in this environment. The drawback is that open plan offices may result in lowered productivity.

The infamous cubicle has been the topic of satirical cartoons, memes and office jokes. The advantage to a cubicle is that it provides some measure of privacy and can allow for more distraction-free work. The drawback is that it can be isolating. It isn't conducive to collaboration or communication. 

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Is There A Better Solution?

Some people enjoy the cubicle. It may suit the nature of their work and their personality. Some thrive in a louder, busier and more accessible open office. But, the reality is neither of these plans is going to work for everyone, every day. The alternative to one or the other is actually a combination of the two.

The ideal work space offers opportunities to work in a private, distraction-free environment when that is what is needed. It's also essential to have communal work spaces that are conducive to sharing information, exchanging ideas and brainstorming solutions. Whether it's a conference room dedicated to a specific team or task, or an open office space where people can come and go to work alongside colleagues in a more free-flowing environment, providing this can dramatically increase productivity, problem-solving and overall job satisfaction.

Change Is Good, And Necessary

In the past, it was believed that a rigid, structured and tightly controlled working environment resulted in better productivity, organization and behavior. People conformed to this way of working because there was little choice in the matter. They made it work, but what is known now is that these outdated practices inhibited the very things they were meant to promote. Adopting a more flexible work environment will have a dramatic impact on what's important. For the employer who wants employees that are more creative, solution-oriented and effective, some simple changes to the way your office is organized is called for.

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