Business Webinars: How Low-Cost Webinars Yield High Return

Webinars combine two things that are hot right now: video and content. Businesses are using webinars to build their brand by sharing their expertise. Even better, webinars create actionable leads that can be converted into sales. Should you consider hosting a business webinar?

Question: Who’s using webinars?
Answer: Everyone

Consider the following stats:

  • 60% of business marketers are using webinars
  • Average attendance is 40–50% of registrants
  • Between 20% and 40% of attendees are converted into leads

Businesses are capitalizing on webinars to close more deals. Here are some of our favorite tips for creating a low-cost webinar that yields a high return.

What Does a Webinar Cost?

The average cost per webinar can run as low as $100 or as pricey as $3,000 or more, depending upon the technology and promotion techniques you use.

The primary cost of webinars, really, is the time you will spend putting one together. But once it’s created, you can offer it repeatedly to an ever-widening audience, put the recording on your website, or create a SlideShare to get even more bang for your buck.

We’ve found that webinars can be surprisingly low cost. GoToWebinar has packages around $250 per month. They offer a robust package that includes:

  • Setting up a landing page for registration
  • Automated emails that include registration confirmation, reminder emails
  • Live polling mechanism
  • The ability to record and replay the webinar
  • Reporting features

Go here for a free trial of GoToWebinar.

How Do I Promote a Webinar?

Creating excitement around your webinar starts with a relevant and interesting topic designed with your audience in mind. Creating compelling copy via PowerPoint or some other software will help you keep the interest of your audience and entertain them.

If it’s your first webinar, it might be beneficial to team up with another business to help you expand your reach. Use social media and your existing database to promote the event. Low-cost paid advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter may work well for your business. We recommend a series of emails, posts, ads and other promotions for up to three weeks before the event.

When you consider every participant as a potential lead, make sure that you develop a plan for following up with each and every attendee.

Should I Charge For My Webinar?

There has been considerable debate in marketing circles about this topic. Over the past year, we’ve noticed a trend in free webinars, along with free e-books and white papers. Most businesses believe that capturing an audience of potential customers for an hour presents a wonderful opportunity to share expertise and then pitch products and services after the webinar. That’s why most companies are moving toward complimentary events.

Can I Hire Someone to Help Me with My Business Webinar?


Artisan Talent is here to offer you full- and part-time marketing experts to help develop the content that gives your business exposure in the marketplace. We’re just a phone call away when your business is ready to develop webinars or other marketing techniques to build your business.

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