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4 Ways to Celebrate Pride with Your Remote Team

Some of us might not miss physically being in the office but we can all agree that we miss participating in fun events with our coworkers. Here at Artisan, we recognize the need to celebrate one another (especially during a joyous time like Pride Month!) and we’ve collected a host of ways to get your teams involved and connected—even if you’re working far away from one another. Let’s go, girls!

Virtual Bingo

Bingo can be a quick and fun escape during a busy workday. To encourage participants, we suggest offering a gift card to use at an online store or local establishment that is LGBTQ+-owned and friendly. Bonus points if your company is able to hire a local drag queen to host Virtual Drag Bingo. No shade to your in-house host, but your coworkers will appreciate the inevitable brilliance and laughter that a seasoned performer will bring to your event. It’ll be memorable for sure. 

Virtual Trivia Games 

Similar to Drag Bingo, you can host virtual trivial games easily. (Trust us, our team actually had a BLAST doing this recently.) Some companies have created celebratory Trivia Games for teams already, but if you’d like to create your own, it’s easy.  Simply collect your Pride History trivia from a few different sources and then use this blank trivia board to input your questions and answers. You can tailor your trivia to be more applicable to your industry, too, from LGBTQ+ pop stars to Gay Icons in the Creative Industries and so much more.   

Celebrate with Music

Part of the reason that Pride Month is filled with joy is the music that has come out of decades of Pride movements and advocacy. We have a few playlist suggestions that contain iconic Pride music, but it would be even better to encourage your coworkers to make a collaborative playlist together. You can see who added which tunes and bond over your coworkers’ choices. Spotify makes it easy—simply click “Create Playlist”, give your list a name and click the icon of a person with a plus sign. This will copy a collaboration link to your clipboard that you can send to your coworkers.

Pride Lunch + Learn

Send your employees a gift card for lunch on a food delivery service platform (like DoorDash or Seamless) and host a virtual LGBTQIA+ lunch and learn. Even better—bypass the delivery corporations and offer a list of trusted gay-friendly local restaurants for employees to order from directly. If you have a local business or public figure you’d tap to be a co-host, do so! It’s important to both pay tribute to local advocates and businesses while also discussing topics that might pertain to your employees. Some topics you might cover include:

  • Navigating and improving workplace benefits for the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Improving allyship in the workplace.
  • A brief history of LGBTQIA+ rights as well as rights that still need to be won today.

We invite you to get creative and ask your teams what they would like to do for Pride Month and offer some of the above events as a starting point. Ultimately listen to your employees to understand what they need most during this month (and beyond!) and work from there.

Celebrations aside, if you’re looking to build teams for your business with top talent, we can help!

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