Creative Directors vs. Art Directors: Which One Should I Hire?


Are you thinking of hiring someone to handle projects for your business and clients? Are you not sure whether to hire a creative director or an art director? Both terms are common, and some people may be under the impression that they are two versions of the same thing, but they are in fact two very different positions.

What Is A Creative Director?

The role of a creative director is to oversee the initial phases of development. They often lead a team which may include an art director, copy editor, photographer, etc. They are in charge throughout the project, and will also be the one to okay the final result before it goes to the client for review. This is a high level position, and the creative director often handpicks and helps to develop talent.

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What Is An Art Director?

The art director does work closely with the creative director, as well as working with other team members. He or she is more hands-on, and is often largely responsible for developing the style and look of a project. The art director also stays with the project from beginning to end, and assists the other team members with brainstorming and in the event there is no creative director, the art director will often be the one to give the final okay on a project before it moves on to the client. Art directors tend to be more detail-oriented, while creative directors tend to be more global.

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Creative Directors vs. Art Directors

So do you need one or the other? Or both? For steady, large-scale projects that require a large team, it may benefit you to have both positions. For many, though, one is fine. It's a good idea to take into consideration your team. If your writers, photographers, designers, etc. are good at working independently, generating ideas and managing many aspects of the project, a creative director may be a good fit. If you are a smaller business and team, an art director may work for you.

Whether you need a creative director or an art director, or just a good designer, Artisan Talent can help you hire the right person for the job. Contact Artisan Talent and find out how we can help you build your team today.

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