How to Interview Like a High-Quality Job Candidate

Here’s a no-brainer: Every HR manager is looking for the best fit for the job. He or she is always hunting for high-quality job candidates. It turns out some scientific findings support key behaviors to look for in a high-quality candidate. HR professionals take note; Gallup research correlates these “Grade A” candidates with better job performance. So what are the character traits that an HR manager should look for when interviewing?

Here's how to interview like a high-quality job candidate:

Participate in a Quid Quo Pro Job Interview

While we understand that job interviews can be nerve-wracking for the applicant, we want to suggest that you should approach it with the realization that you are also interviewing the company for the right fit. The high-quality job candidate approaches interviews with this mindset and comes prepared with questions about the role and the company. We often see them asking probing questions about advancement opportunities and cultural fit. This high-level information-seeking behavior sets them apart from their competitors.

Clearly, the first step toward interviewing like a high-quality job candidate is to make sure you’ve matched your skills to the right role and the right company. Don’t just look at pay scale and benefits, but instead, review the company’s mission statement. Does it align with your values and belief systems? Will the role challenge you and help you grow as a person and as an employee?

HR departments should be on the lookout for the most well-qualified person, and the high-quality job candidate will be not only a great match for the role, he or she won’t settle for a position that doesn’t provide intellectual and creative challenges.

Here are some sample questions that the high-quality job candidate might ask during an interview:

  • How would you describe your culture?
  • What is the defined career path for this role; how can I advance?
  • What are the top three character traits that would help me excel in this position?
  • What is the biggest challenge that I would face in this role?

When Only the Best Will Do

The high-quality job candidate does his homework. He or she is seeking the companies that have made the best places to work lists or other criteria that will help him or her decide if your business will meet high standards.

In contrast, lower quality job candidates may not even be aware that a company is a “best place to work,” and they are more inclined to be concerned about location, pay scale and benefits. While we’re not suggesting these concerns shouldn’t make the list of the high-quality job seeker, we are saying that HR managers should be more alert to the candidates who place these basic requirements at the bottom of their list.

Apply For High Quality Roles

If you're looking for a certian calibur of company to work for, consider adding a Recruiter to your BFF list. Recruiters at Staffing Agencies are able to submit you to only the type of role and quality of company that you are looking for. They can also be a great networking source (read more on that here) and a good way to test out the waters when honing your new high quality interview skills.

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Submit Your Resume

Finding the High-Quality Job Candidate

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