How To Save a Bad Interview

No matter how well you've prepped, or how charismatic and professional you usually are, there will come a time when an interview doesn't go well. It may be that you and the interviewer simply didn't mesh well, and the whole thing was awkward. You leave feeling uneasy, wondering how you could have saved it. Then there are times when you make a blunder. Perhaps you are late, get the interviewer's name wrong, get a huge case of nerves and freeze up, or the opposite happens and you get overly excited and ramble. Maybe you misjudge the situation and don't dress appropriately. There are a host of things that can go wrong. 

What Can You Do To Save a Bad Interview?

It's common for people to just walk away and assume that things went so poorly that there's nothing that can be done. You don't have to do that, though. In the worst case scenario, you'll have at least learned something from the experience. And, chances are that things didn't go as bad as you thought. People tend to judge themselves harshly, and get a serious case of perfectionism when it comes to high-pressure situations like job interviews.

Know you messed up? Here are some ways to help fix a bad interview.

What To Do When Things Aren't Flowing

  • Be honest

    People understand, and it's important to realize the person interviewing you is actually a human. Let them know you are nervous, or that you don't know the answer. Always remember to not go overboard. Don't downplay your skills or bash yourself. If you admit a fault or a shortcoming, don't forget to follow that up by talking about your assets, qualifications or experiences in a positive way.

  • Use humor

    Again, don't overdo this, and keep it appropriate, but don't be afraid to make a small joke to lighten the mood.

  • Don't give up

    The interviewer can sense when you've accepted defeat and are just trying to get out of there. Don't do that. Continue to do your best and put yourself out there, even if you are uncomfortable, and even if you feel you've bombed it.

Don't Forget To Say Thank You

Thank the interviewer for their time. Make eye contact and smile. Then, follow things up with a thank you note or email. It's important that you keep things positive, no matter how you're feeling.

Need help? Here's how to write a post-interview thank you note.

If you made a mistake, apologize for it. But always give more attention to the positive than the negative! Remember, there's a good chance that things didn't go as badly as you thought.

Get Help Finding the Right Match

Sometimes, bad interviews happen because the company you are interviewing for simply isn't a good match. One way to save time and eliminate time-wasters is to get help through a staffing agency.

While staffing agencies are there to help companies find suitable candidates, the reality is they are helpful to job seekers, too. Because of the close relationships that agencies like Artisan Talent develop with both businesses and candidates, they are able to help match you with a company and a job that truly suits you. Learn more about how Artisan Talent can help you find your perfect job. Contact us today.

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