Mastering the Interview: 10 tips on What NOT to do During an interview

I sat down with our Talent Reps at Artisan who have sat through countless interviews (some good and some bad) to get the inside scoop on interviews and some advice on what not to do during one. These 12 tips can help you make the best impression with a future employer.

1. Do not come across as cocky, a know-it-all, or too full of yourself.

2. Do not talk about anything personal until the interviewer asks a personal question.

3. Do not show up earlier than 15 minutes to your scheduled interview time. This puts pressure on the interviewer. If you’re early, sit in your car, check your appearance in the bathroom, or sit at the coffee shop near by.

4. Do not show up with a Starbucks in hand, chewing gum, or with your lunch. Leave all food and drinks at home or in the car.

5. Do not talk on your phone while waiting for the interview -- turn it off or put it on silent. You do not want the interviewer to come and get you while you're chatting away to your BFF.

6. Do not leave empty handed. Always ask for business cards or materials to take home.

7. Do not lie about previous employers, previous salary, or previous anything!

8. Do not expect to talk about salary or benefits. HR can answer these questions for you if you move along further in the interview process.

9. Do not talk about what the company will be doing for you, instead talk about what you will be doing for the company.

10. Do not wear jeans, just do not do it!! Some interviewers will immediately turn you away.

After reading this list you may be suddenly overwhelmed. The most important part is to be yourself, prepared, calm, and confident. You may be thinking, "I would never do these things," but sometimes we forget or are so stressed we lie or ask questions we should not. We are a resource for you and are here to give you advice and help you do your best during an interview.

Amanda Freeman is our intern, and the Artisan Insider.

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