Online Video Stats to Make You Rethink Your Approach to Video Marketing

Online Video Stats to Make You Rethink Your Approach to Video Marketing

Videographer careers are on the rise for one simple reason: people love video.

 The people who make videos love them and some are looking to get into that field professionally. The people who watch them love them, and that's why they're such an effective marketing tool. Of course, some videos are more successful than others at imparting their message. A recent comScore report looked into why this is the case, and here's what it revealed:

1. Web Videos Can Enhance TV Advertising

When you saw that great Old Spice ad, what was your immediate reaction? If you're like most people, you jumped on your laptop to find that commercial on the web and post it to your Facebook account. When a commercial works, people want to share it. Let them.

2. The Online Video Audience Comprises Roughly 180 Million Unique Viewers Worldwide

This is an interesting detail. This number suggests that some videos have perhaps been viewed by every single viewer on the web (for all intents and purposes). At a certain point, views peak, so don't worry so much about getting more views than anyone, worry about making those views count towards sales, subscriptions or whatever it is that you're trying to pass on to your customers.

3. Younger Viewers Are More Receptive to Digital Advertising than Television

No surprise here, but there you have it in the form of a study: teens and young adults like the web more than they like TV. Your web video production team probably already knew that, but it's good to have it right there on paper.

4. Multi-Screen Users are an Untapped Demographic

People who play video games on their iPhone while leaving the television on in the background, or who work on the web while watching DVDs, we still haven't figured out how to really grab the attention of these multi-screen users.

The only clear conclusion we can draw from this study is that this is a time for innovative and creative video marketing. Those who try new ideas in the video marketing field have a better shot at long term success as the web overtakes television as our primary source of video content. To learn more about online video stats contact us today.

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