Best playlists to get creative

Playlists & Podcasts To Spark Creativity & Focus

In the spirit of keeping your summer chill and productive, we thought it’d be super helpful to curate some fun and motivational playlists to help you stay focused. Have more suggestions? Reach out and tell us on our IG! Grab your headphones, people, and let’s get creative. 


Chill-Time Remedies
Best for: When you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and need to focus on one task at a time. 

Elements: Ambient Grooves, Keys, Strings, Instrumentals

For Fans Of (FFO): Four Tet, Helios, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Beverly Glenn-Copeland

The Playlists:
  1. Two-Thousand And Seventeen Radio
  2. Deep Focus
  3. Chill Out Music


Beats to Keep you in Gear

Best for: When you need something a little more upbeat but not too distracting.

Elements: Electronic Beats, Loops, House, Funk, Hip-Hop

FFO: Giorgio Moroder, Powder, J Dilla, Liquid Liquid

The Playlists:

  1. Brain Food
  2. Break Beats
  3. Beats in Space Radio Show


Cure Summertime Blues

Best for: When you’re in search of a vacation—or at least a little fun—while you’re stuck at work.

Elements: Low-Key House, Synths, Nostalgic Tunes, Poolside Party

FFO: KEYTRANADA, SOPHIE, Octa Octa, Poolside, Park Hye Jin

The Playlists:

  1. Club Resistance
  2. Women of Electronic
  3. Poolside Lounge


Expand Your Environment

Best for: When you’re feeling adventurous and need cinematic songs that move you.

Elements: Strings, Movie Soundtracks, Analog Synths, Orchestras

FFO: Thomas Newman, Mica Levi, Hans Zimmer, Vangelis

The Playlists:

  1. Atmospheric Sci-Fi Soundtracks
  2. Cinematic Chill-out
  3. Movie Soundtracks for Focus


Tell Me Something New

Best for: When you’re looking for stories of discovery and innovation.

Elements: Podcasts, Self-Help, Interviews, Laughter, Creativity

FFO: Smartless, On The Media, Radiolab, Still Processing

The Podcasts:

  1. Creative Pep Talk
  2. The View From Somewhere
  3. How I Built This

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