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Why You Should Be Self-Publishing on LinkedIn

Building your corporate or personal brand means interacting with businesses and people. Whether trying to close more deals or find a job, LinkedIn Pulse is a great venue to help you reach your target audience.

What’s LinkedIn Pulse?

From pretty humble beginnings in the living room of its founders, LinkedIn has grown from the 2003 launch to over 500 million members in 200 countries. Today, their website says two new members sign up every second, making LinkedIn the largest professional social network on the planet.

From the beginning, the site had monetized an income stream from advertising, content, and marketing. Over time, LinkedIn started allowing users to publish articles. At first, the hub was privatized into an “influencers” program. But in 2014 the platform opened its doors to all members.

Today, you can publish anything and potentially thousands of people in and out of your network will see it, increasing your visibility no matter your goals.

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Who Reads LinkedIn?

CIO magazine cited statistics from 2015, where more than one million users published on the platform. An average of 50,000 articles are added to the platform every week. Typical industries include everything from healthcare and insurance to marketing to politics. Platform algorithms push content out into the world, and the quality of the content is generally pretty solid. People want to put their best writing out there because LinkedIn is linked to your professional persona.

The truth is that everyone wants to hire a thought leader. For companies building their business, publishing on LinkedIn is a low-cost but effective way to reach your audience while building street credibility. Thought leadership pieces are promotional tools that could really help start a conversation with someone you have been trying to get to know. Along the same lines, it can help you expand your personal network, which is never a bad idea.

The posts come complete with metrics on your readership broken out by industry, job title and more, which is helpful when trying to determine if you’re targeting the right audience.


4 Reasons to Get Started on LinkedIn Pulse

We can think of four good reasons to publish on LinkedIn Pulse:

1. To increase visibility with your target audience

Keep in mind this isn’t Facebook. This is a serious professional audience that isn’t hanging out looking at memes. Connecting with these professionals should be a priority.

2. It’s free

Anyone can publish on this platform for free, which makes for a good bang for the buck. Small business owners always looking for low-cost business development ideas - this is your jam.

3. More visibility than writing your blog

It’s the whole “If a tree falls in the forest” thing. LinkedIn comes with immediate potential visibility.

Instead of writing a fresh blog on your website and then finding an audience, LinkedIn comes ready made for you to share the post in their social network.

4. Build your social media brand image

You can create a post and then join LinkedIn groups that could benefit from the content. Then share your article with the group. Bingo! Instant social network.


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