Staffing the Creative Role: How a Recruitment Agency Can Help

Remember when staffing involved putting an ad in the paper as the only thing you had to do to land the best job candidates? Those days are gone. Today, you need an array of networking tools to hunt the best and brightest employees. But networking your way to the best candidate is a full time job. How can a human resource manager find the time?

No time for staffing? We can help.

The answer is to partner with a recruiting company or staffing agency. Recruiters spend the majority of their time networking in order to match job candidates with the right career. Unlike human resource managers who are tasked with everything from new hire paperwork to training, recruiting firms focus on one thing: How to find you the perfect employee.

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Staffing Creative Talent

If your focus is on finding creative talent, recruiting gets even more interesting and challenging. If you're seeking a web developer, copywriter, or other creative role, it’s even more important that you reach out to a specialized staffing agency. Why? Creativity is more than just a set of HTML or Adobe skills. Creativity means innovation. Without innovation, your business will stagnate. However, strategy, leadership and communication are also qualities to look for in a candidate for a creative position. Creative staffing/talent agencies can help you find the candidate with the right mix of all these characteristics.

Using Recruiters as Staffing Experts

We understand the diversity of personality types found in the creative world. Taking the time to understand your corporate culture and then matching it to the right creative candidate is incredibly important to your office environment – and your brand. A recruiter has a third-party view of your workplace and can assess which candidates will sink or swim in your unique business environment.

Too, recruiters have taken the time to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of candidates. They spend time proactively networking on the creative scene, have great local contacts and understand the industry and how it’s changing. They recognize that creative candidates want autonomy while still having corporate structure. Which candidate will balance the ability to meet company deadlines and work well in a team environment while still retaining their creative spark? A good recruiter can answer these questions.

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No one knows more about the creative industry and talent pool than Artisan Talent. Contact us today to find out how our placement agency could help you find the perfect creative candidate.

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