The Benefits of Undesirable Work

In every professional life, an opportunity to go above and beyond normal output often comes along. No matter your professional circumstances, you have a choice to make when the opportunity involves something undesirable or inconvenient. You can opt to ignore the job or take it on and dig in to do your best at something others avoid.

Choices Can Be Challenges

Freelancers do not always have the luxury of refusing work. Employers who want creative staffing may place undesirable jobs at an agency because their other employees cannot or will not do those jobs. When your livelihood depends on getting enough jobs to pay your bills each month, you will find yourself facing this question at least occasionally. Consider the benefits of taking the tough jobs as a challenge that can boost your reputation as a freelancer.

You will have questions to consider:

  • Do I take this?
  • Do I want to do the research required?
  • I don’t like the subject; should I still tackle this job?
  • What does it matter whether I do this job or not?

As an employee, you may or may not have a choice about doing an undesirable job. If you are assigned the task, it is always advisable to do your best. If it is a choice, you are in for new challenges and you may impress company leaders. An employee may have the same questions as the freelancer, but not a choice about taking the job. If your manager assigns you the job, it could be your last job if you fail, so you need to work harder at those jobs.

Enjoy Future Benefits

There are benefits when you take on undesirable jobs, such as building a new client relationship. You can establish yourself as a hungry freelancer, able to take on difficult jobs. You also can charge higher rates with an impressive portfolio containing some less "sexy" material. As a side benefit, when you take on jobs that are challenging, usually you will be learning new information you can use on other jobs. The time you invest now can mean additional payoffs later on, because you will already have a foundation in that area of information.

As an employee, one benefit of tackling the tough jobs is a possible opportunity to be promoted because a leader in the company understands how valuable that employee could be at a higher level of responsibility in the company. However, some workers point out that once they have established themselves as employees who can do anything, their managers are reluctant to promote them to different positions elsewhere in the company. Their managers did not see this trait as a leadership quality, but as a way to get their own department goals achieved.

Matching Freelance Talent and Clients

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