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The One UX Design Qualification You Can't Live Without

First, let’s be clear. The “U” in UX does not stand for “unicorn.” Although finding a good UX designer may make you feel as if they are just as elusive – and just as cool. UX actually stands for “User Experience.” In today’s digital universe, the UX designer has about two seconds to grab your attention across the web or your phone. The best UX designers can do it – and they find a way to keep you coming back for more.

UX designers have a number of skills, from coding to graphic design. But we believe there is just one key qualification to look for in any UX designer. 

UX Designers = Psych Majors

We don’t mean, literally, that they were psychology majors in college. In fact, they may not have gone to college at all. But good UX designers just have this way of getting into the headspace of their audience.

Dr. Susan Weinschenk in UX Magazine describes the uncanny way that UX designers apply their knowledge of human behavior to the design of a digital application. She said that UX designers know some basic rules about people and then they apply what they know.

On Great UX Designers

  • They understand that people are lazy, so they want a lot of information in just a few clicks.
  • They know people will make mistakes, so they try to anticipate and prevent them.
  • They know that human memory is fragile and subjective, so they don’t try to make users remember things from page to page or task to task.
  • They understand reciprocity; meaning, if you fill out this form, I’ll give you a download.
  • They minimize distractions for the user and keep them focused on the task at hand.
  • Or they use distractions to catch attention.
  • They know which phrases will entice activity.
  • They understand which colors automatically grab the eye.
  • They know clutter will stop the free flow of information; clean white space with crisp to-the-point copy is in.
  • They understand that humans are social animals who want to be part of something larger than the individual.
  • They instinctively know what pictures create emotional impact.
  • They also know that users crave information. Giving them the right information in the right place and at the right time is exactly what makes a great UX Designer.

Curious about more traits of great UX professionals? Check out these seven ones.

UX Designers vs. Developers

UX Designers research what their audience wants; and then they give it to them. UX Developers spend a lot of time researching the mental models of users in order to understand them better. They may develop user personas or stories that help them imagine the target audience and what they’re trying to accomplish on the digital site.

Need a refresher on the difference? Check out our job descriptions for a UX Designer and a UX Developer.

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Where Do You Find GOOD UX Designers?

The next time you’re on a website and you download an ebook, just imagine your friendly UX Designer hiding behind the digital curtain pulling levers to manipulate your behavior.

How can you find these talented individuals? Artisan Talent has spent nearly three decades networking in the programmer and design community. We were working with UX Designers way before the field became cool.

Whether it’s short, long-term, or permanent placement, we can help your company find the most in-demand talent. Contact us to find out more. 

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