What You Can Learn from Zombies about Job Hunting

Learn From Zombies

Halloween is right around the corner, which naturally makes us think of candy, pumpkins, zombies, and more. But can any of these things help you find a job? Is there anything we can learn from Halloween and zombies? Yes! You can learn a lot from a zombie according to zombie expert David Castillo, literature professor at the University at Buffalo. So we've gathered up 5 favorite things you can learn from a zombie when it comes to getting your next job.

1. Never Give Up

It takes a lot to get a zombie down. (Double tap anyone?) Even though their first job - being human - didn't work out so well, they don't let their past failures affect them when it comes to perusing a new objective. They keep getting up and trying again. So even if you've applied to dozens of jobs, keep trying. Think like a zombie and don't stop until you get what you want. The next resume you send out, could be the one!

what you can learn from zombies about getting a job

2. Stand Out

“Zombies tap into our primal fear of being consumed and force us to come up with something–anything–to distinguish ourselves from the ever-hungry, animated corpses traipsing about the countryside and eating flesh," says the site Deliriums Realm. Think about The Walking Dead, it's the zombies that stand out that get what they want, not the ones hiding in barn. So spruce up that resume, connect with that recruiter on LinkedIn, and put yourself out there on social media. A really great way to stand out? Send a snail mail thank you note after a job interview - hardly anyone does anymore.

get a job like a zombie

3. Don't Be Seasonal

Is there a season you haven't seen a zombie in? Nope. Zombies know that they can use their talents anytime of the year. Are you a Graphic Designer who does amazing banner ads or Christmas cards? Or a your a Digital Strategist who excels in crisis management? Put yourself out there and expand your horizons. Start designing for emails, Valentine's Day, or working on social projects day to day for a non-profit to beef up your skills. Use your talents, no matter what the season.

job tips you can learn from a zombie

4. Come Back to Life

"Don’t ever count a zombie out – they come back to life. So should your content," says TSBC.com. This is especially helpful if you've published a great piece of content or done work for a great client - already shared it on social media? Do it again. Haven't used it in your portfolio? Put it in. Think like a zombie and bring yourself back to life. Be recurring on LinkedIn as well - comment on posts, like work anniversaries, and respond to in mail.

If you were in a content creating job before, "look back over content you’ve published in the past, and see if it can be used again – either to promote a new product, or re-purposed in some way. For example, a case study could be transformed into an interesting presentation or white paper." Want more zombie tips for content? Check out this great post.


5. There is No Plan B

"There's no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A."

Zombies never have a plan B, they don't waste time wondering what they should do if being a zombie doesn't work out, they just "be a zombie." Having a plan B can work for some, but "with most people when we give ourselves a way out we will always take it as soon as things get tough...lots of plans = zero results," says this Slideshare presentation. Take this approach to finding a job by going after your dream job and favorite companies and not settling for less than the best.

Ready to think like a Zombie?

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