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Why UX Matters

Posted by Kirsten Agnello-Dean on Jul 13, 2016 12:00:00 PM
Kirsten Agnello-Dean


If you care about your customers, then UX should matter to you. UX stands for user experience, and when it comes to your website, giving viewers a smooth interactive experience is increasingly important. Why UX matters? Fast Company suggests that UX is the most critical part of your web presence and if you build it, customers will follow.

What Does UX Encompass?

An evaluation of your current website should consider the following crucial UX elements:

  • Mobile Compatibility
    The majority of your potential customers will view your site on their smartphone. It’s true: mobile has replaced all other digital devices and now holds the coveted “first screen” status.
  • Page Load Speed
    Mobile users are impatient. Even a slight slow down on a web page download could cause you to lose a customer. A recent article noted that web pages that are just one percent faster than their competitors have a 27 percent faster conversion to sale rate.
  • Personalization
    Staying relevant by adding content that resonates with viewers is key to providing solid UX. Original content posted regularly is important, but is that content really what your customers are looking for?
  • Responsive Design
    One of the most important parts of responsive design is a website that creates a smooth user experience across multiple digital devices while still keeping your brand standards intact. No matter what size screen, your website must adapt, look great, and load quickly. The design of your site should flex with the user’s environment and behavior.
  • Visual Storytelling
    Is your website using video to its full advantage? Consider that 100 million people watch a minimum of one video every day and website visitors are 64 percent more likely to make a purchase after they’ve viewed video content.

Breaking up the content on your website by using clever infographics, video, or photos has become an important way to spice up the information you’re trying to share. This Canva article has great ideas on how you can make your website more visually interesting – a key component of UX.

Turn Your Website Upside Down

When creating a website, most entrepreneurs develop their brand by creating content that tells the story of their business or products. They often end up highlighting their service competency or product benefits. But UX is about turning the traditional approach to website development on its head by asking, “What do my customers care about?” and “What do my customers need?”

Understanding the wants, needs, and priorities of your target audience is the first step toward redesigning a website with the end users in mind. Today, if your company isn’t reassessing their established website with the principals of UX, you are at risk of losing customers.

Need a UX Fix? Hire UX Talent!

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