3 Secrets to Hiring the Right Person

There’s an old saying, “Hire slow, fire fast.” While we’re not sure the adage fits HR decision-making in today’s fast-paced business world, we agree with the sense of careful caution it suggests. Companies lose millions each year as a direct result of hiring the wrong person. The Harvard Business Review reports that 80% of employee turnover is related to bad hiring decisions. In addition to wasting wages, benefits, training and even relocation costs, a bad hire can negatively affect company morale. Here are some of top recommendations for helping you select the perfect job candidate.

1. Don’t Just “Go With Your Gut”

Many times an HR manager hires based on their connection with the candidate. That instinct is only partially important; it relates to candidate's cultural fit. However, just because a candidate makes you laugh is not the best reason to hire them. Attitude and personality are important, but make certain you check references; 11% of companies skip this step. Look at everything available on the candidate, from resume to their LinkedIn profile.

2. Understand Your Process

The key to a successful hire is partially dependent upon defining your own internal processes. Developing a job description and understanding the responsibilities of the role are crucial to candidate selection. How can you fit the person to the job if you’re not certain what the job entails? Communicate what your team’s expectations are and make sure you are prepared with questions related to the job description. Include as many direct co-workers in the process as feasible: this will help you understand the candidate’s cultural fit. It will also begin bonding existing employees to the new employee.

3. Don’t Overpromise

In our efforts to snag the person we think is a perfect fit, we might oversell the role and the company. Try to stick to the job facts and the cultural realities of the company. Answer questions in the most forthright way possible, and certainly let your enthusiasm shine through. But never oversell; smart candidates will either see through it or, when hired, experience disappointment in a role that wasn't exactly what you promised.

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