10 Tips for Hiring the Best Talent

You’ve probably hired well – and hired poorly. Hiring mistakes can be expensive, no matter what industry you’re in. We’ve compiled our top ten suggestions for finding the right talent. These tips will help you avoid some of the pitfalls common to an employer based job search.

Here are ten tips for hiring the best talent!

1. Be clear in your expectations

What will the job description look like? Who will the new hire report to? These are important questions that you must answer before you start interviewing.

2. Engage in social media soul searching

Candidates will review your website and social media presence before even sending a resume. Your external-facing communications might need a refresh so that you’re putting your best foot forward.

3. Skills are great – enthusiasm is better

Sometimes it’s better to pick the less experienced, but more energetic candidate. While these traits aren’t mutually exclusive, our point is that you’re searching for a good cultural fit, as well as someone with a great resume. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Y Combinator,

We invest in people who we think are just really talented, even if they haven't done that thing before. That applies to people who are fresh out of university, as well as people like the CFO who took the company public [David Ebersman], who had not taken a company public before. As a hiring manager, it's important to recognize that just because someone doesn't have past experience with the specific job doesn't mean they're not going to be able to do it well.

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4. Engage your internal teams

Your current employees are great resources when it comes to playing the “who you know” game. Make certain these employees also help with the interview process, especially if they’re going to be working with the new hire.

5. Notice who is standing right beside you

Do you have a current employee that could fit the role? Is there an employee with the crossover skills that would benefit your organization via a job restructure or promotion? Don't forget to consider all your available options.

6. Use social media

Don’t forget to use whatever social media presence you have to get the word out about the open position. Post it from LinkedIn to Facebook, Craigslist to Instagram. Then ask your employees to share with their social media circles as well.

7. Interview #likeaBoss

We mean ... “nail that interview!” Staying organized during this complicated process means: taking the time to be fully prepared to ask leading, pointed questions (like these); effectively tracking interview scores, and then making the decision in a timely manner.

8. Practice flake avoidance

Creative people have a reputation for being “flaky.” While this is not always true, make sure your interview questions are linked to concrete outcomes, exploring the strategies behind the creative process. Check out these interview question ideas as well.

9. Focus on the onboard

Some large companies team new employees up with a mentor. Welcoming a new employee with open arms should include more than on-the-job training; you must also be sure they’re assimilated into the culture of the organization. This will be key to the long-term “fit” for this person – and the key to your retaining them.

10. Ask for help

Sometimes it takes an extra set of hands to help get the job done. Hiring a creative staffing firm will ultimately pay for itself; you’ll find the right candidate for the right job while saving a lot of hours in the process.

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