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5 Little Things to Improve Your Career Network

Here’s the secret to finding your next great job opportunity: Who you know still matters. It probably matters more than ever before.

LinkedIn influencer Lou Adler conducted a survey of approximately 3,000 professionals and he found that 85% of all new careers are discovered by networking. Even when unemployment continues to decline, networking is key.

You’ve heard about the importance of networking. You may have even been to one (or several) of those awkward professional mixers designed to increase your exposure to other businesspeople. Good times.

Even if you’re tiptoeing around the job hunt, there are some small things you can do every day to increase your visibility and make sure that you stay out there and open to new opportunities.

5 Little Career Moves to Make ASAP

The trick about networking for a new job is that you may be good at every little thing on our list — or not. You’ll have to gauge your time and interest in stepping outside the comfort zone to try new things. On the one hand, it’s always good to practice new skills, but on the other, if you’re terrible at face-to-face networking that first impression could forever skew your entry into a new career.

That’s why it’s always good to sit down and have a good think about your job skills and how to highlight them in ways to make you more appealing.

Other networking techniques for 2018 could include:

  1. Start Talking to People in Elevators
    The conversation doesn’t have to be in elevators. The point is that you’re engaging others by opening yourself up to communicating. Make sure you have a personal business card in your pocket — just in case.

  2. Update Your Business Profiles
    We're big fans of funny taglines that sum up your experience on your LinkedIn profile, but most importantly — make sure your headline is up to date. Which of course, should then lead you to change that old thumbnail photo and outdated job list.

  3. Publish or Perish
    Posting regularly on LinkedIn or another social media network is a great way for you to wag a flag saying, “I’m here. I’m smart. Pick me.” If you write, publish it. If you find a great article relevant to business, share it. LinkedIn is more than a big database; it is a networking powerhouse.

  4. Stay in Touch
    Relationships atrophy — the truth about networking is that it works if you work it. As you get older and your responsibilities mount, it gets harder to find energy to stay in touch with “your people.” Chances are, your people are struggling with the same problem. Make the effort and you never know how it might change your life.

  5. Participate and Get Involved
    From MeetUps to volunteering, every city has plenty of activities for you to get involved in. Even if you’re so busy you can only devote one night a month, find a worthwhile club, group, or volunteer activity and get out there. Just do it.

Here’s another tip — when was the last time you reached out to the team at Artisan Talent? You have a ready pool of talent scouts standing by just waiting for your call. Their advice will be an invaluable asset to your 2018 job search.

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