5 Things a Web Designer Shouldn't Do

There are a lot of things that you can do to get work as a Graphic Designer or Web Designer through a creative talent agency as a freelancer or full-time worker. And no matter what type of company you will or won't be working for, there are five things that you should never, ever do.

1. Engage in the Price Wars

The "Price Wars" are a race to the bottom, and the only thing scarier than losing that race is winning it. Win on your abilities, not by being cheaper than the other designers. Skip sites that devalue your work and ask you to design for a few dollars.

Contact Artisan and we'll help you make sure you get paid what you're worth.

2. "Just Copy This Site"

Whenever a client asks you to copy a site, all you're doing is setting yourself up for a fall and building a website that you won't want to take credit for. Your reputation is everything when it comes to web design careers, don't do work that you can't take pride in.

3. Design Without a Purpose

Ever heard "don't worry what this is for?" Designers may not always get burned by a client's unethical business practices toward end users, but there are precedents for it. It's your responsibility to know the legal issues surrounding the sites you create and to not be part of anything untoward. Don't work for a client you wouldn't trust as a customer.

4. "Partner" Up

Any client that wants to pay you with sales through the site, ad revenue, or a partnership model is just trying to get out of paying you for your work until they can guarantee that it will make them a millionaire.

5. Rush the Process

If a client can't be bothered to contact a designer more than a day before their project needs to be finished, they're probably not anybody that you want to work with.

It's all too tempting to say "yes" to every client who comes along, and when you're strapped for cash, saying "no" is very hard, but the more you say "no" to abusive, demanding, cheap and just plain sleazy clients, the more time you'll have to devote to the clients who appreciate your hard work and talent.

Bonus: One Do

Partner with businesses and agencies that respect your work and pay a fair wage. Remember the old adage, Pick Two: Fast, Cheap, Great.


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