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Ask a Recruiter: Interview Advice

Preparing for an in-person, phone or video interview?  Our recruiting team is here with advice to boost your confidence and help you get that job!

Q: I’m not great at bragging about myself. How do I make sure employers know how awesome I am in an interview without coming across as conceited?

Confidence is key.

Confidence in this regard is very different from cockiness. You want to come across as in control and confident in the interview but never conceited or cocky. If you are unsure of how to come across as confident or if you tend to be shyer, there are certain non-verbal things that you can do throughout the interview that will allow you to showcase yourself as a candidate that is worth their time.

Basic Non-Verbal Confidence Boosters

  • Strong eye contact
  • Professional posture (slouching and swiveling are no-nos)
  • Firm handshake

Once you’ve impressed the Hiring Manager with your amazing non-verbal skills, use facts to lift you up. Showcase what you did and let the facts speak for themselves.

Humility is key!

Being humble is important, but don't mistake being humble as being quiet or passive. By passing up the opportunity to shine the spotlight on yourself, you sell yourself short and your potential employer won’t know what you’re capable of. You must remember — no one knows you or your work better than you do, so if you don’t speak up, you lose the chance to show others what you can bring to the table.

How to Be a STAR Interviewee

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to speak about yourself and your work in a tactful way, it’s best to structure your answers according to the STAR method:

S – Situation: Describe a situation you have been in

T – Task: Explain a task/responsibility you had to complete relating to the situation you mentioned

A – Action: Describe the action you took to complete the task

R – Results: What you accomplished

This method will keep you focused on the facts and will allow your work and professional choices to speak for themselves. Remember, there is a difference between saying, “I’m the best coder that ever lived — hire me,” and “I coded an app that was used by over 40,000 users, has a 95% approval rating online, and is still being used today.”

Still have questions for how to prep for an in-person interview? Read our 22 Tips for a Better In-Person Interview. To find out how Artisan Talent can help you land the interview, register with us today.

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