What are the jobs of the future?

Creative Jobs of the Future

Technology is changing faster than ever—and taking everyone’s career along for the ride. It can be hard to know when’s the best time to make a career switch or if you’re still a student, which degree is best to work toward.

When we look into our crystal ball of fun high-paying creative jobs of the future, we see loads of promising careers hovering around content creation and user experience. No, we’re not suggesting everyone will be a social media influencer one day, but we are suggesting everyone will directly influence the content we all love to consume.

Here are some (relatively new) careers that’ll only grow in demand...


UX Designer

First, there were only a handful…and then there were billions! UX Design has seen probably the biggest leap in job demand since 2015 when so many retailers realized the value of “mobile-first design” and app development. Since then, the field of UX Design has grown across industries and is now among the top ten hard skills employers are looking for. If you’re thinking about getting into UX Design, we say go for it—the job market is definitely in your favor.

Product Manager

Along with UX Designers, every company is going to need a Product Manager to whip all that design and engineering goodness into smooth-sailing gold. While it’s definitely not an easy job wrangling and coordinating teams to create the ultimate user experience, the results can be quite rewarding (and the paycheck’s not too shabby, either). If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a great PM, there’s no time like the present.

Content Strategist

It used to be that marketers would focus on one campaign at a time, evaluate, and do something new. In today’s digital age, though, that turtle speed doesn’t cut it. Companies that want to grab attention and hold it need swift-thinking analytical types that can create viral, entertaining content that feeds their brand daily. Much like all the other jobs on our list, Content Strategy is one job that shows no sign of becoming obsolete. If you’re interested in learning more about what a Content Strategist does, we’ve got an article for that.

PR Manager

We know what you’re thinking—PR Managers aren’t new! But since the rise of social media, the expanded need for PR management into virtually every space is what’s new. From emerging entertainers in need of gigs to nonprofits raising awareness to startups looking to create buzz, PR Managers will continue to be the much-needed hype people everyone needs. In fact, the HBR suggested it was the third-best career for creative types in 2020. If you get jazzed on the idea of representing people and companies with your own innovative media campaigns, it sounds like PR might be the right job for you.


Podcast Producer and Editor

We lumped these jobs together because they often go hand-in-hand in job postings, but successful podcast media platforms can afford to hire for each of these positions and across multiple shows. Ever since the humble beginnings of podcasts in 2004, this new form of content has grown exponentially, now with platforms looking to host content and talented individuals looking for producers and editors to bring their stories to life. While building your portfolio can be daunting, the job market is growing as podcasts are now mainstream. 

Multimedia Artist and Animator

Both of these jobs have seen demand rise as streaming platforms want to create more content for all audiences. Even Netflix put out a call last year for prop designers to apply to work with little to no experience for their up-and-coming animation studio. Coupled with the rise in easier access to digital illustration software, tutorials, and social media networking, artists and animators can even be self-taught. Again with the rise in entertaining content, we are sure to see an uptick in requests for these skills. And, let’s be real, we all just want to watch more cartoons. Who says you can’t be a part of the team that makes it happen?

What jobs are you eyeing for future you?

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