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The Hottest Creative Jobs for 2018

In an economy with only 4% unemployment, it’s getting harder to find talent. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about manufacturing, banking, or web design, finding and hiring top talent is an increasingly laborious, time- and skill-intensive process.

On the creative side of the aisle, some jobs are getting harder to fill than others. While the demand for certain creative roles like UX or UI Designers has always been high, the low unemployment rate coupled with new, more flexible work models has made the needle in the haystack analogy particularly appropriate for 2018.

So what’s hot and what’s not in the creative field for 2018?

Top Creative Talent Jobs for 2018

HR Daily Advisor shares their predictions for what will be the most highly coveted roles in the marketplace this year.

They include:

  • Content will remain king this year, so Content Writers will be in high demand.

  • Copywriters are different from Content Writers, but will be just as highly sought after. While content writers tackle things like blogs and e-books, Copywriters churn out short, snappy product descriptions, ad campaigns, emails, and more.

  • Digital Strategists do more than track web trends, they create them by coming up with consumer touchpoints across the cloud that engage and inspire. A good Digital Strategist understands all of the channels that consumers frequent, from social media to blogs, and on what devices. Then they come up with an omnichannel marketing plan that will get you noticed. 

  • Product Managers creatively manage the lifecycle of a product. Good Product Managers wear lots of hats on their noggins — they need marketing skills as much as they need organizational and communication expertise. They should also be familiar with methodologies like Agile and have a general understanding of digital technologies. They’re kind of an oxymoron; Product Managers must speak the language of both tech geek and marketing guru. That’s why good ones are so hard to find.

  • Web Designers will continue at the top of the talent heap again this year. The best Designers understand the mindset of fickle consumers and know how to design to attract them. Web Designers should work equally well with Programmers, marketing agencies, and C-Suite Executives. They should always have their finger on the pulse of consumer trends — right now, this means Web Designers will be fully cogent about mobile and web responsiveness.

Top Creative Skills for 2018

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While these are some of the hottest jobs we expect to fill this year, the skill sets found in each job description should also be coupled with soft skills, such as:

  • The ability to collaborate with a diverse team
  • Strong communication skills
  • Flexibility to go with the flow
  • Organizational skills
  • A willingness to learn new things

Looking for, or to be, a superstar employee?

Whether you're a Designer or not, these skills will be essential in creative jobs going forward.

  1. UX, UI, Social Skills, and More
    Diversifying your skill set will always set you apart. The ability to work in a multidisciplinary environment is going to be a future necessity. This may require going back to school to learn UX (user experience) or adding some Google Analytics into your repertoire.

    The creative jobs of the future are going to require a multi-skill approach. Being an expert at one thing will no longer be enough, and flexibility will only make you more valuable.

  2. Learning to Sell
    Understanding sales is going to be increasingly important in the coming decade. Designing something eye-catching in a vacuum won’t work; companies are increasingly pressured to use design to differentiate their products in a sales marketplace. Creative design will have more of a strategic emphasis — and that focus will be on creating art that sells.

    Understanding the sales cycle and what motivates your target audience will undoubtedly change how you design or write a website, logo, or ad. In the future, linking design with business development will position your career for success.

  3. Understanding People
    Study psychology and sociology to help understand the reaction of people to products, especially in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). Technology is moving toward objects that interact with people, such as Apple’s Siri software. These interactions will become even more sophisticated in the future, allowing humans to feel as if they are conversing with a real person. Having the skills to work with Software Developers to create an effective front-end experience will take an understanding of human behavior.

  4. Understanding Machines
    Speaking of AI, future predictors suggest it is going to impact creative design. Digital design in the coming years will encompass sites that are not static, but interactive and more personalized than ever before. Understanding how to maximize data will form the basis of all creative design work. Designers of the future need to understand how algorithms affect data and how AI affects the end product.

    Want to learn more about AI and how it relates to future jobs? Check out this slideshare!

  5. Learning to Code
    Designers are sometimes resistant to the fact that coding skills and experience are going to be important in the future. Especially with the advent of AI, Creative Designers should at least understand algorithms and, at a minimum, HTML.

Finding Top Talent Going Forward

As the job market tightens (it is a candidate-driven one after all), employers may have trouble finding the talent they're looking for. An easy solution? Seek the expertise found in a staffing firm like Artisan. In fact, here's a free PDF download to help you compare hiring partners.

If you’re considering hiring creative talent in 2018, consider a complimentary consultation with the Artisan Talent team. Our talented Recruiters and Sales Managers have spent years networking and studying the market so they can keep you in touch with the smartest and most talented creative experts in your region.

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