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Google for Jobs

Google’s latest innovation benefits you most of all, especially if you’re job seeking. Now you can go to Google, type in the category of job you’re looking for, plus the word, “jobs” and it will show you what’s available in your area.

For example, a search of Sales Jobs in Chicago yields:

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Seriously, Google, could you go to the interview for us, too?

Isn’t it enough that Google cornered the search engine market so thoroughly that their company name became a verb? As in, “I’ll just Google it.” Sorry, Bing.

In addition to being the worldwide search authority, Google continues to be selected as the grooviest place to work in the universe. So what does all this mean?

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Google Cool Meets Monster Jobs

In May, Google announced the Google for Jobs search feature at the I/O Developer Conference. C/Net covered the story and accused Google of making finding a job as easy as looking for a good restaurant.

Google responded by saying they were guilty as charged.

Google for Jobs culls multiple job sites and matches it to your search. Type in a few words, and you’ll see results from LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, Facebook, WayUp, and more. The search parameters are massive — you’ll even see jobs that have been posted just on company websites.

This means: Managing your job search just got easier

TechCrunch points out that you won’t have to spend your time looking through multiple job boards. Now you can go to one centralized hub. Because Google for Jobs automatically sorts by your home city, the jobs will just pop up; you’ll only have to change the search parameters if you want to move away from your home base.

The custom filters let you sort by job category, position title, when the job description was posted, salary, location, title, and much more. Some of the jobs will even list how far the commute is from where you’re surfing.

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Google Plays Well with Other Digital Devices

“We have a long history of using our technology to
connect people with crucial information.”

Google blog

As you might expect, this new search parameter translates really well across any digital device. You can type in “jobs near me,” step back and watch the results come in.

Given that the majority of job seekers are now using their cell phones for everything from surfing to watching TV, this ease of use is a good thing.

The Cell Phone + Job Application Connection

An Indeed study showed 78% of candidates would use their cell phones to apply to jobs if the experience of applying would translate well on that device. While Google can’t affect the job application portals of the companies you’re applying to, they can make searching for your next gig a very convenient and intelligent process.

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Searchability: How Does It Work? 

Finding the right job is really hard. Google equates looking for a job like dating, but really, when was the last time you went out with someone as cool as Google, right?

It’s possible that Google thought of everything with this tool, so if you’re a Recruiter, it’s okay to hate them just a little bit. Think about the work it took to develop a comprehensive job list without duplicates. Google uses machine learning algorithms to sort through the jobs, then it matches by what it knows about your individual search behaviors — and other stuff that is so secret Google won’t tell us (or they’d have to kill us).

This all happens in a millisecond, of course, as these functions are completed behind the scenes in computer land. Somehow Google is able to slice, dice, and filter the data so that even the first time you query “dog walking jobs” you get a pretty decent list. But by tweaking the search parameters yourself a little, you’ll get an even better result that will have you practically looking up into the nose hairs of the gatekeeper at the dream job you’ve always wanted.

Yes, it’s that up close and personal.

Speaking of intelligence, this new search feature is powered by the same algorithms that run Google DeepMind, the AI platform at the forefront of scientific exploration into machine learning and natural language processing, the two computing disciplines that make up artificial intelligence. If that kind of creeps you out, in a Skynet or HAL 9000 (Google it) kind of way, don’t let it. Google promises to use these powers for good.

That’s probably why all the major job boards have agreed to play nice with Google on this project. For now, at least.

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How Employers Can Use This Tool

If you’re an employer, Google has an open documentation page that tells exactly how to make your job posting show up in the Google feed.

Google says:

You can improve the job seeking experience by adding job posting structured data to your job posting web pages. Adding structured data makes your job postings eligible to appear in a special user experience in Google Search results. You can also integrate with Google by using a third-party job site.

For employers and job content site owners, this feature brings many benefits:

  • Prominent Place in Search Results
    Your postings are eligible to be displayed in the dedicated Job Search UI, featuring your logo, reviews, ratings, and job details.

  • More, Motivated Applicants
    The new user experience enables job seekers to filter by various criteria like location or job title, meaning you’re more likely to attract applicants who are looking exactly for that job.

  • Increased Chances of Discovery and Conversion
    Job seekers will have a new avenue to interact with your postings and click through to your site.

This is a big help in a market where 46% of employers say they can’t find the right talent to match their job openings.

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What About Those "Secret" Jobs?

Just like there are passive job candidates, there are jobs that aren't yet "on the market." What if the job isn’t even listed on anyone’s job portal yet?

That’s where your handy dandy Artisan career coach comes into play. The benefit of working with Artisan Talent is that we have a ready-made pool of applicants standing by to go to work for your team. For the job hunter in the creative fields, you will reap the benefits of our long-standing relationships with employers from all over the country. We network with these companies and often find out about jobs when they’re still a twinkle in the eye of the Human Resource Manager.

Who knows — we might even be able to get you a job at Google. 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get started on the process of finding your next dream job.

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