17 Unique Job Boards You Should Know

If you’re burnt out on job searching, a good place to start is by refreshing where you're looking for new postings. Chances are, you haven’t discovered a new place to look that takes your interests and niche into consideration. Maybe you’re a specialized generalist or someone who wants to dive deeper into AI jobs. For anyone with highly specific needs and talents, huge job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed might not be specific enough for you! Or the jobs you are looking for will get buried under sponsored opportunities. For all these reasons and more, we wanted to highlight some other key job boards to include in your tough search.

Design-Specific Job Boards

  • Dribbble is a great place to look for design, animation, and illustration-specific jobs. They also have a great newsletter that delivers the highlights straight to your inbox.
  • Behance is not just a great portfolio site, but it’s a place to build community and look for jobs. If you’re a freelancer, don’t forget to post your services and pricing on your portfolio! Employers can easily find you and hire you through Behance, making the job hunt a two-way street.
  • Coroflot—just like Behance, Coroflot is a beautifully designed portfolio site where you can post and explore projects. They also have a highly searchable job board for all types of design, from 3-D to fashion design.

Remote Work Job Boards

  • FlexJobs is the OG of remote work. They adopted the WFH idea long before most of us, so it’s no wonder they’re still at the top of their game. 
  • We Work Remotely features new contract and full-time gigs across multiple industries while offering tailored-to-you job notifications so you never miss out on finding that unicorn job.
  • Remotive marries both the tech world and remote-specific jobs, making it a dream job board for the tech-savvy.

General Creative Job Boards

  • I love Creatives delivers jobs straight to your inbox weekly. They also have a killer podcast and curated creative board so you can promote yourself or find a new creative collaborator.
  • If You Could is a smaller creative job board that posts high-quality jobs often. Check out their featured companies page to discover employers that better align with your values!
  • Words of Mouth is a job board run solely by Rachel Meade Smith, a jack-of-all-trades creative, who does incredible work in finding the coolest underrepresented creative jobs. Subscribe to her newsletter to receive new postings in your inbox (and consider donating to keep it going). 

Non-Profit Job Boards

  • Idealist is probably the largest but often forgotten job board for those looking to do good in their communities. You’ll find everything from volunteer opportunities to full-time roles with great nonprofits—some in your backyard!
  • National NonProfits connects talent from across the US to nonprofits looking to fulfill their goals. Many of their positions are remote, too!
  • Philanthropy News Digest—aside from being a great news outlet in the nonprofit sector, they also have a great job board in partnership with Candid.

Tech and AI Job Boards

  • Tech Ladies is a haven for over 100,000 women in tech and their job board could help you find your next big gig. 
  • Built In Aside from their savvy job board, Built In offers in-depth articles about what’s new and trending in the industry.
  • Crunchboard is a tech-world job board that features more senior-level jobs on the regular, complete with searchable compensation filters.
  • AI-Jobs is a truly extensive, worldwide database of AI-focused jobs. If AI is what you’re into, make this your first stop.
  • DeepLearning.AI is not just a job board, but also a community and a center for advice, complete with courses in AI-specific skills.

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