Graphic Designer VS Web Designer: Which One Should I Hire?

Wondering what role to hire? Graphic Designer vs Web Designer? It depends on an organization’s current and future needs, the ability to outsource work, and the available budget.

It is quite possible to find Graphic Designers with some web design skills and Web Designers with some graphic design skills. This means, depending on the work requirements, the decision does not necessarily have to be selecting one type of designer over another.

Job Requirements for Graphic Designers and Web Designers

Skill Sets

Graphic Designer - A Graphic Designer must be able to demonstrate creative excellence with a passion for design. A review of past work in a portfolio helps an organization decide if there is a good creative match.

A Graphic Designer needs to have the ability to work with non-digital creative materials for concept development, such as pencils and sketchbooks. They also need to have a high level of competence in software programs needed to do the graphics work, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and many others, depending on a specific organization’s needs. Get more information on Graphic Designer job requirements here.

Web Designer - A Web Designer needs to have an eye for design and be able to tell the difference between an elegant website and a poorly designed one. Web Designers are pros at developing user interfaces that engage and retain visitors. They create sites that are easy to navigate and gorgeous to look at. They have skills in User Interface Design (UI) versus User Experience Design (UX). Get more information on Web Designer job requirements here.

A Web Designer’s responsibilities may cover all functions of a website, or be focused on specific parts of a website. For example, if the website is large, a Web Designer might focus only on the online sales functions and catalog. The skills needed for Web Design are extensive and depend upon a specific organization’s protocols.

Work Methods

Graphic Designers and Web Designers must be able to work on a team with others, be flexible, and accept feedback. They need to have excellent time management skills. The challenges are being able to work on multiple projects at the same time within tight deadlines, while delivering final results that are accurate with high attention paid to detail.


Organizational Need: Graphic Designer vs Web Designer

New hiring decisions come from the current organizational needs combined with strategic planning for the future. A small design shop may need a single individual who can do many things well. A larger organization may have dozens of designers of both kinds.


Many organizations are finding it more efficient to work on critical tasks in-house and outsource the less critical work to freelance or temporary workers. Perhaps the Graphic Designer or Web Designer hired by an organization also needs management skills to manage the outsourced team.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the median pay for a Graphic Designer in America during 2015 was $46,900 per year while the median pay for a Web Designer during 2015 was $64,970 per year. Keep in mind these amounts can vary based experience level and location.

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