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Hey Siri: How Do I Hire an AI Specialist?

Your computer just got smarter than you are. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big step in the continuing rise of the machines. Today, AI happens when coded algorithms foster machine learning that understands and responds to a conversation. Tomorrow, who knows?

Conversational interfaces are already happening between Alexa and the average homeowner, leaving many to ponder what’s going to happen next in the bot world? If you’re wondering when Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to show up in a leather jacket, the answer is that it may be sooner than you think. AI has become the next big thing in big computing.

If your business is ready to jump into one of the hottest markets in computing, it might just be time to hire an AI expert. Here’s what you need to know to get ready.

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How to Hire an AI Speciaist

The first thing to remember when looking to hire an AI specialist or expert is that deep and machine learning is such a new field that no experts exist. That’s how fast the field is changing. AI talent is interested in automation, robotics, and advanced programming. These experts are currently highly in demand and also hard to find – in the job search world, we call this the “double whammy.”

Kidding aside, we highly recommend reaching out to an expert search firm to find AI professionals. With the rapid rise of machine learning, there will be more programmers entering the field. Right now, though, demand far exceeds the supply.

Speaking the Language AI

An AI specialist will have a unique understanding of the data and code that make up the programmed machine language behind the bot. AI requires data capture, analysis, and then programming the machine to react to the data as it comes in. When you’re reviewing resumes, look for:

  • Research into machine learning and the proven ability to create algorithms via sophisticated code formulas.
  • Software development skills such as coding in specific languages, object-oriented programming (OOP), and .net experience.
  • Data mining and data analysis with specific expertise in combing large data sources, with experience in finding patterns within data sets.
  • Experience in machine learning applications that have specific functions, such as gesture or voice recognition or metadata analysis.

AI is new to the business world, although AI experts have been around for years, working in military applications or research labs. These experts often have advanced degrees in mathematics, engineering, robotics, and/or computer science.

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AI Careers

AI covers a broad range of jobs within the programming world. AI expertise can be found in the following areas:

  • Computer engineers and scientists
  • Researchers
  • Mechanical and electrical engineers
  • Healthcare techs working with robotic surgery tools
  • Military electricians
  • Post-secondary profs at technology schools
  • Algorithm specialists and data analysts

With the rise of AI in the private sector, the hunt for technology expertise in this area has increased exponentially.

Where will you find this hidden talent?

Finding AI Talent

Artisan Talent specializes in building talent networks that span the creative fields. No matter what type of tech expertise you’re searching for, we likely have a pool of candidates available to talk with you. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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