Will artificial intelligence take your job?

Is AI Coming for Creative Jobs?

In this highly digital world where big tech is working on ever-improving Artificial Intelligence to make life easier, it’s no wonder we have anxiety around losing our jobs to robots. But we have some different ideas about AI that could potentially put your mind at ease—and even help you befriend the robots. 

What is creative software AI?

AI or Artificial Intelligence software is software that’s designed to mimic human capabilities using current data and mathematical algorithms. The output of the software is then continually improved, based on those working on the software as well as the data and insights that it pulls from its available sources (Aka, Machine Learning). Within a software’s ML capabilities are Deep Learning capabilities that help fine-tune the AI to mimic human thought. Some current examples of AI in the creative space are Dall-e 2, Craiyon, Midjourney, Jasper, Copy.ai, and Writer. 

How are companies using AI for design and copy?

Many start-ups and smaller businesses who want to cut costs on hiring designers and writers will utilize these AI platforms to design and write their websites, automate marketing emails, and construct quick graphics for social media (as examples). Almost always, however, the company will still need to hire an employee to monitor the quality of content and edit where needed.

Because, as late-night host, John Oliver discovered in this hilarious clip, some clear concepts are still too advanced for the smartest AI. No matter how much we teach and refine AI, these platforms still struggle to accurately portray human thought. In turn, we end up showing the AI what we mean by “marrying a cabbage” when it fails to give us the exact image we were looking for. In the end, we’re still needed to get the job done to the highest human standard.

What does this mean for creatives?

Instead of having existential dread over AI, you will be better off leaning in to see what different software is capable of in your industry. Then take the AI’s results and use them to your benefit. If you find a promising type of software that helps you (much like how people use Grammarly), you’ll be able to (1) stay on top of trends and technology and (2) use it to boost your creativity. As an example, say you’re a copywriter using Jasper to create a headline. Maybe the AI suggested ten headlines that are just okay or too cliché. You can take the AI’s suggestions as your jumping-off point and create a headline that is out of the ordinary and better achieves what the client wants…with a human touch and emotional delivery. 


We may not be able to predict the future, but what we are sure of: AI isn’t quite strong enough, powerful enough, or accurate enough to get the job done completely. Employers can utilize as many automated platforms as they want, but they still won’t be able to rely 100% on the robots. The creative brain still rules the realm of creative thinking, providing the ability to tap into human emotion that isn’t necessarily shown through data. These bots still need us to get the job done.

If you’re looking for your next great gig where you can show that humans are still necessary in the creative process, we can help!

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