Hot Summer Design Trends

If you are a Graphic Designer, or any digital professional, it’s important to stay on top of current and coming trends. The design world is constantly changing; sometimes, it’s about new and innovative designs, and other times, it’s about looking at the past with fresh new eyes.

Either way, something new and interesting is always happening, which is why so many creative and trend-conscious people pay attention to what is happening in the world of graphic design. Here are seven 2016 design trends we're loving right now:

Top 2016 Design Trends for Summer

1. Animation got tired over the years, but today’s animated graphics have a fresh new look, utilizing 3-D along with 2-D elements for a more grounded approach. This look isn’t overdone or clunky; instead, it’s clean and subtle and often very beautiful.

2. Illustration is making a comeback, with more designers putting pen to paper and creating hand-drawn art. If you are in the mood to try something new, step away from the screen and get out your sketchpad.

3. Geometric patterns are everywhere, with looks ranging from bold to retro to minimal. Cubes, chevrons, triangles and more are making appearances with bold colors and new takes on old styles.

4. The new flat is popping up everywhere, except it has a twist, with flat design combined with subtle shadows and texture.

5. Minimalist logos have been on the rise for some time, but are catching on more and more.

6. Hollywood style. Perhaps in response to the wave of super-hero movies, we are seeing design with a decidedly box-office flavor cropping up everywhere.

7. Bold color is showing up all over. This is fairly typical of summer, although this season’s designs seem to be taking on a richer palette than in seasons past.

Go Forth and Design!

The design world has plenty of room for all these trends, and it’s exploding with new ideas and developments. Now is a great time to refresh your portfolio, jazz up your resume, and explore career opportunities in graphic design.

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