Spring Cleaning: How to Update Your Resume

Spring Clean Your Resume

Your resume is your first impression in the world of the hiring manager. If you're not getting as many inquiries as you would like, perhaps it's time for a resume refresh. After you've weeded out your closet and wiped the house top to bottom, it might be time to dust off your resume as well.

How to Update Your Resume

Delete the Following:

  • Objective: This is old school and just takes up space now. See "Do You Really Need a Resume Objective" here.
  • References Available Upon Request: Again, use this space more wisely. We assume you'll provide references if we ask.
  • Graduation Dates Prior to 2013: If you're not a recent graduate, we don't need to know how old you are.
  • Summer Jobs: Unless you're applying for a job at Baskin Robins, we don't care you scooped ice cream cones in Junior High.
  • Photos: We'll check LinkedIn if we want to see what you look like.
  • Address: Don't tell people where you live, especially if you're applying for a job in a different city.

Double Check You've Included:

  • Your Contact Information: We can't hire you if we can't call or email you.
  • Portfolio Link: Provide a way for us to see your work online easily.
  • Education Details: Do you have a degree? Where did you go to school? We need to know.
  • Special Skills: Keep these relevant to the job or extremely interesting, like speaking a second language.
  • Software Proficiency: Especially if you're a Graphic Designer or Web Developer, what programs do you know?

Need More Resume Tips?

Don't forget most Hiring Managers and Recruiters really only spend 6 seconds viewing your resume, make sure they count! For more ideas on freshening up your resume Check out our Inforgraphic: Creative Resumes That Get You Hired or Pin it for later here. Once your resume is refreshes and good to go, make sure we have the most up to date copy! Submit your resume to Artisan Talent here or check out our open jobs here.

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