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How to Hire a Front End Developer

Front End Developers (FEDs) create computer code at the front end of software. They are partial Designers, spending lots of time testing the various features of a website or phone app.

They research competitors and try to stay on top of innovative programming techniques and they should constantly change their approach as the world of technology evolves in order to stay on top of the best interface designs.

Need to know how to hire your very own FED? Read on!

FEDs concentrate on the architecture of a website, making sure it relays appropriately across multiple digital devices. Front-enders are concerned with how quickly your website loads and which plug-ins to use to make the site load faster.

Need a quick refersher on what Front End Developers do? Watch this:

What Skills Should Front End Developers Have?

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FEDs need two basic skill sets. They must be:

  • Solid computer programmers, able to leap tall buildings with tight, clean HTML, JavaScript, or other code.
  • Able to adapt to your work environment and interact with a team.

FEDs are concerned with things like UI (the user interface) with a given software program. They need to have some client-facing people skills. It's a good idea to look for some of the more "standard" people skills: Are they comfortable in working in a team environment and are they gregarious and skilled at human language in addition to programming language?

FEDs need to have social skills; they can’t create code in a cubicle and trot it out with little or no other human interaction. But if their code needs work, they’ll end up failing miserably at their job.


How to Assess Front End Developers

FEDs need both the ability to code cleanly and have solid problem solving skills; but they also need to be able to articulate how they solved the problem with programming...But how do you evaluate coding skills if you don’t know how to read code?

Check portfolios and references. It’s important to keep in mind that even if they’re newly graduated, Front End Developers should have a portfolio that you can review. Need more? To evaluate a candidate’s coding skills, we recommend giving them a short assignment to actually make something. You could ask them to take an image gallery and turn it into a carousel. You could also have them design a brief web page from scratch. You’ll be able to get a sense of their abilities by looking at the end product.

How To Hire a Front End Developer - Get Help!

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