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Job Relocation: What to Expect When You're Expecting to Move

Moving is fun...and stressful. But relocating for a job adds an entirely new element into the moving mix. Now you get to acclimate to a new city, find a place to live, make new friends, and adjust to a fresh work environment. A little scary, right?

To help you lessen the worry, we’ve assembled some tips that we think might help you prepare for your new adventure.

Here are six tips for an easy job relocation.

Tip #1 Negotiate Relocation Assistance

… from your new employer as part of your salary package. Many companies offer relocation, so don’t hesitate to ask as part of the interview process. Some companies will help you by providing reimbursement for the move; others will help your spouse find a job. If your employer doesn’t offer relocation assistance, see if you can negotiate this. If you’re taking this approach, research the costs associated with moving and trying to find a new place to live. Accumulate these expenses and share them with the employer as part of your salary negotiation.

It’s important to keep in mind that large corporations probably have caps on what they will pay for, but they do pay. We’ve seen everything from reimbursement for movers, security deposits, transportation or even the cost of real estate agents. But if you don’t talk about this during your compensation discussion, it’s likely your employer won’t bring it up.

Tip #2 Get Organized

… around the process of moving, by making lists and checking items off it. Do some research on local resources. Things like setting up utilities can be done online, but where’s the closest Starbucks? It’s little things like knowing where to order pizza that will come in handy and make you start to feel at home. Take the time to talk to the people who live there to get the scoop. Research what the cost of living is so you’ll know what kind of salary you’re going to need.

Tip #3 Go for the Write-Off

… and see if any of your relocation expenses could yield a tax break. Check out IRS Tax Topic 455 for a list of what may be deductible.

Tip #4 Get your Finances in Order

It will take a few weeks to get your first paycheck, so set aside a little cushion before you embark.

Tip #5 Purge as you pack

Think how much money you’ll save by not moving that smelly dumpster-dived chair. How about that vintage set of encyclopedias? Donate clothes and furniture, sort and shred papers, and generally take the opportunity to clean out the debris from your old life before you enter the new one.

Tip #6 Build a social network

… of new friends. Join a MeetUp or other social activity like Creative Mornings or AIGA that will help you branch out. Explore the neighborhood and talk to people. Or, volunteer, which is an absolutely great way to meet people.

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