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Make Your Resume Easier to Read {INFOGRAPHIC}

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There’s some debate about how much time/how many seconds a Recruiter spends looking at your resume, but bottom line? It’s not a lot. As The Muse points out, "with such limited time to get important information across, anything you can do to make your resume easier to skim could mean the difference between the forward or toss piles."

Want to get the most bang for your buck in those precious few seconds? Here are 13 of our favorite quick tips for formatting your resume that you can use to help Recruiters and Hiring Managers get the most from your resume...and offer you the interview even faster!

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13 Tips for a Better Resume

1. Switch Up Your Font

USA Today recommends switching the font of your resume to Helvetica, Arial, or Times New Roman—in other words, a font that's easy to read.

2. Get Rid of "References"

Get rid of "References Available Upon Request." Most employers assume you have references, and that you'll provide them if asked. Save this space for something else.

Another thing to get rid of? That objective. See why in this post.

3. Move Your Skills to The Top

Unique skills like software programs you know should be front and center. You'll be bringing these things to your new job, so make sure they're where a Recruiter can see them.

Don't forget to mention your Mac/PC skills (especially if you're a Designer) or if you're bilingual. You never know when someone will need a Spanish-speaking Front End Developer or German Copywriter.

4. Remove Made Up Words and Don't Overuse Buzzwords.

You're not Shakespeare. Making your own words like "stratergy" will get you noticed, but not in a good way says recruiter Ellen Bird.

Speaking of words, skip overused ones like "detail-oriented" and "people person" they're vague and chronically overused. Find a better word to describe how amazing you are.

5. Include Social Media Links

Ditch your snail mail address in favor or professional social media handles and make sure they're clickable in the PDF version of your resume.

Chances are your resume will be read on a computer, so making things like your LinkedIn profile clickable, makes it easier for the recruiter to learn more about you.

Don't forget to link to your online portfolio too.

6. Add Volunteer Work

Spent a large amount of time freelance writing or donating your professional skills to a charity or non-profit? Absolutely list these in the body of your resume as their own "jobs."

7. Include Numbers

Statistics speak volumes and including numbers helps make sections of your resume pop. Make sure to use actual numbers - "7" instead of "seven."

8. Remove Your Graduation Year

If you're more than a couple years out of college, there's no need to list a graduation date. Recruiters usually just want to know that you have a degree.

9. Reduce your margins.

Need more space without shrinking your font? Try reducing your top and bottom margins to 0.5″ and your side margins to 0.75″.

10. Add Awards

Did you win a Clio like Don Draper? Add a section for awards and include it. "You'd be surprised how many creative professionals fail to include these" says

11. Mix It Up

If every bullet point starts with "Responsible for..." whoever is reading your resume will get bored. Break out a thesaurus and find something else to start your sentences with.

12. Read it Out Loud

Steal this copywriter trick: read it out loud. Reading your resume out loud helps you catch any spelling mistakes or misused words. "If you find yourself tripping over a sentence as you read it, chances are there’s a problem with your grammar or syntax," says ResumeTarget founder Amos Tayts.

13. Save It With Your Name

Ready to attach your resume and send it into the world? Save it as "Regina Falange Resume" instead of just "Resume" to help the Hiring Manager out.

Bonus Tip: Have a Recruiter Read it Over.

Send your resume to a qualified Recruiter and see what they think! Our Artisan Recruiters are always happy to lend their two cents. Submit your resume today.

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