What to Get Your Recruiter For Christmas

Wondering what to get your Recruiter for Christmas? They work tirelessly for you all year to help you find the perfect job, communicate back and forth between you and your employer, and are always on hand to help with resumes, portfolios, and more.

So during this season of giving and gifting - do you need to get your Recruiter something for Christmas?

While it's not necessary to gift something to a Recruiter who's helped you in the past year, a small gesture will not go unappreciated. We polled some of the Artisan Talent Recruiters and Account Managers to see what they had to say.

Some Recruiters Don't Need a Thing for Christmas

  • "I just like them to send good feedback and give me success stories. Then I know my job is not in vain." - Jocelyn
  • Sending a thoughtful note is always a great gift says Account Manager Debra, "It is always nice to hear from them that they enjoy working with us and are very happy with the relationship. It makes the work we do all year long very satisfying!"
  • Account Manager Karen loves getting holiday cards as well. They are rarely sent she says.

Want to Get Your Recruiter a Small Token?

The easiest way to make an impression? Pop a snail mail Christmas card in the mail. It's a nice gesture that keeps you top of mind. A small gift can be appropriate as well. Our Recruiters always appreciate receiving:

  • A bottle of wine
  • Small gift cards to a local coffee shop or Starbucks
  • Homemade baked goods, cookies, or other edible goodies
  • A box of holiday chocolates

Do you send holiday cards as a professional? Do you gift to coworkers? Tweet us and let us know!

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