Welcome To The Freelancer Economy

Freelancers, rejoice! Employers, adjust your hiring!

The new freelancer economy has created a highly mobile, agile workforce that can be deployed at any time. Today’s freelancers are accessible and skilled, available in a variety of industries, and ready to immediately hit the ground running on new projects. Through freelancers, organizations are able to achieve better flexibility and procure the best talent within their industry, without having to commit to supporting a complete, diverse full-time staff.

The Development of the Freelance Economy

From graphic design to ride-sharing services, many individuals are choosing to work for themselves rather than for an employer. Contract workers are finding it easier than ever to procure positions on a global scale, with the ability to easily telecommute and communicate with prospective employers via the internet.

Meanwhile, employers are finding themselves with the need to requisition employees on demand to remain competitive — procuring skilled, specialized talent for specific projects rather than keeping a staff of general purpose employees. The freelance economy has emerged as a natural evolution of the global employment market.

Advantages of Hiring Freelance Workers

Employers are now able to connect with experienced employees from around the globe, saving money, and finding the workers who are most applicable to their projects and positions. Rather than having to invest in employee training, benefits and salaries, employers can focus on getting the right fit — and can get workers who are ready and willing to begin right away.

Through freelancers, employers are able to achieve better flexibility and pivot as needed. Employers are also able to both upsize and downsize their company’s resources, depending on their needs at the time. And the freelancer economy doesn’t mean that employers aren’t able to develop relationships or consistency with their staff — many employers who use contractors find themselves working with the same contractors on a consistent basis.


The Future of the Freelance Industry

Freelancers are about to become even more convenient for employers to access and deploy. Freelance marketplaces are creating universal repositories through which employers can easily hire the employees that are best suited to them. Employers are able to quickly sort through prospective freelancers that meet certain qualifications, and they can hire from among dozens (if not hundreds) of bids on a project basis. As the freelancer economy continues to grow, employers will likely find themselves maintaining a lean, core group of employees and outsourcing the rest of their work to highly skilled specialists.

Help Me Hire Talent 

Freelancers give business owners the ability to leverage the power of skilled, experienced professionals on demand and as needed. They also alleviate many of the traditional problems of hiring additional staff members.

Find Your Freelancers Today

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