Unique Resume Layouts

What makes an outstanding resume?

Obviously, the content of your resume is important. You want to make sure it has the right contact information and relevant experience and that it showcases your skills and assets. Of course, you want to make sure it is formatted in a professional manner and that it is free of any errors. That’s about it, right? Well, not so fast.

You won’t be the only one turning in a stellar resume that looks great. So how do you stand out? In today’s competitive job market, you can’t afford to submit a bland, lifeless resume. There’s a decent chance it may not get more than a passing glance, unless it is different — in a good way.

Where to Find Unique Resume Layouts

Infographic Style Resume

Sure, you can go with a Microsoft Word or Google Docs template, but you shouldn’t. There are plenty of other alternatives, and using these generic templates means you run the risk of your resume being overlooked. 

But how can you make yours stand out?

It takes balance, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of your audience. Yes, your potential employer is your audience, and the idea is to captivate them. You can do this by understanding what they are looking for. The industry you are in makes a difference. Yes, you will likely be more creative if you are applying for a position at a web design company versus a hospital administrative position. Naturally, you’ll want to keep this in mind. However, even the most professional environment can appreciate a little oomph and pizzazz.

Need Some Creative Templates?

  • Check out CanvaIt’s a free graphic design app that allows you to create an eye-catching resume you’ll love
  • Creative Market is home to a plethora of digital goodies including resume templates among other things like stock photography, font downloads, and more at reasonable prices
  • Template.net boasts professionally designed templates you can edit in Word or your favorite Adobe program
  • Hire a Designer! Artisan knows tons of amazing Designers and could find you the right partner to take your resume to the next level

Examples of Amazing Resumes 


While you may not need something quite this interactive, you can certainly see that the sky is the limit when it comes to resumes by checking out this guy’s amazing, interactive online resume. Wow!

Other unique types of resumes include infographics, booklets, postcards and business cards. Check out our Pinterest board full of other creative resume and business card ideas here.

A Factoid to Keep In Mind

Something to keep in mind is that for many jobs, hard copies are not necessary. In fact, more often than not, you’ll be emailing your resume. For this reason, it’s not a bad idea to make sure your resume is mobile-friendly and to always double-check the formatting by emailing it to yourself and looking at it on your phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Board Game Resume

More Tips for Creating a Resume That Gets You Noticed

The following are some tweaks you can make to your existing resume to make it more user-friendly. You’ll cut out some boring elements that you always thought you had to add and replace them with some interesting and relevant details. Here's a handy infographic for knowing what you need to include, in addition to...

  • Take out your address
    Replace with live links to your LinkedIn profile and any other relevant social media profiles.
  • Remove references to and information from high school
    Unless you have just recently graduated.
  • Choose a better font
    Play around and experiment if you like, but be sure it is readable. Helvetica is a good choice.
  • Front load
    Be sure that the most relevant and interesting information is near the top of the resume.
  • Don’t overdo the bullet points
    List no more than five or six per position. Don't be afraid to only list one or two if that's all that is needed.

Need More Tips?

Check out our huge page of all things resume and download our "Resume Writing 101" guide.

Resume Writing 101

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