Voting is important, even for your career!

How do Elections Impact your Job?

Every November we return to the ballot box to elect local officials and vote on important issues. Some might believe it’s a waste of time or they don’t really see how voting can help them, but what they might not realize is that voting is extremely important for your livelihood—especially if you’re a freelancer paying quarterly taxes and negotiating rates on the regular. So how do your local elections impact your livelihood? We’re here to break it down for you.

You have a say in who represents you.

Too often we forget that elected officials are elected for the purpose of carrying out what the people want. Our celebrity-rich culture tends to overshadow this crucial fact with juicy news articles on corruption or distraction pieces on the memefication of a politician. Voting every year ensures that you get to elect a person you trust to carry out the decisions that are best for you and your community. And when they don’t pull through or are asking for your opinion, you know exactly who to go to for answers! Through engaging with your local politicians in person or on social media, you can forge a direct connection with them and have a greater impact year-round.

You have a say in how money is spent in your economy.

Not only are you voting on who represents you, you are also voting on important issues that impact your community over the next few years. These issues are extremely local and can run the gamut from deciding on how much money to invest in local parks to voting on affordable housing initiatives. You get to offer your input on where your tax dollars go, if you are being taxed too little or too much—which is extra important if you’re a freelancer who is paying those quarterly taxes. It makes you realize how your work can help your neighbors and your community—a truly empowering thought, if you ask us. 

You have a say in changing laws around workers' rights & benefits.

Through engaging with politicians, attending community events, and voting on important initiatives, you and your neighbors have the power to keep workers’ rights and benefits as a priority. Together you can ensure everyone is making a liveable wage, that no one is working in poor conditions, and that people are able to enjoy benefits like improved healthcare and paid leave. If you are electing people who genuinely care about the power of the people, strong unions, and employing worker’s rights advocates, you’ll help ensure that the people in your community are getting a fair shake at life.

For all of these reasons (and more), we invite you to get involved and vote this November. Research every electorate, pay attention to debates and the issues that matter most to the people on the ballot. Carefully read about the issues that are up for a vote, too. Voting is extremely important to living in community with others and can directly impact your local economy—so don’t forget how important your voice truly is.

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