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Freelancing 101: The Best Resources for Beginners & Pros

Whether you’re just starting out, trying to pivot from another career, or an experienced freelancer just looking for helpful tips to keep thriving, we’ve got you. Because, if there’s one agency that knows the deal on freelancing, it’s us (if we do say so ourselves 😉). Here’s a roundup of our top blogs on freelancing, all in one place.

  1. Build a Resilient Freelance Business
    If you’re looking for beginner tips on how to freelance in general, start here. Packed with ideas on how to diversify, build credibility, get inspired, and start investing in that retirement fund, this article is one of our favorite, more succinct reads. It also covers the basics on how to get your freelance business off the ground.

  2. How to Make Working Remotely Foolproof
    This article features tips on maintaining accessibility, ways to improve security over your work, communication hacks, and more, all while working remotely. If you’re focused on looking for work-from-home jobs, consider these tips when cultivating your space and beyond. 

  3. How to Overcome Work From Home Distractions
    Suffering from time-sucking distractions? Good thing this article offers up key tips for beginners in remote work time management (AKA, all of us). Take a fresh look at your environment, your communication style, your to-do list, and inject better balance into your work-from-home routine.

  4. How to Freelance During a Recession
    Beginning freelancing during a recession can feel daunting. We feel you and you’re not alone if this is where you’re at right now! However, many companies are purposely seeking out freelancers, especially during recessions—making it a perfect time for you to get started. This article lays out a handful of tips and tricks for getting started, building contacts on your own, and steering clear of pitfalls (like resorting to listing your services on Fiverr).

  5. How to Prioritize Self-Care as a Freelancer
    A heavy workload, compounded with a recession and working from home, can all feel like too much to bear. This article offers up advice on how to put yourself and your health first. After all, when you’re well, you are able to do some of your best work.

  6. How to Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market
    Once you’ve gotten the hang of freelancing, there are always ways you can up your game with new, fun challenges. This blog article outlines ways to help diversify your skills, pivot to a new career using those skills, and work with a recruiter (oh, hello!).

  7. Work from Home Hacks to Keep You Sane
    This article’s tailor-made for our current predicament. Filled with tips on time management, home office organization, and more, this read offers some more practical tips for the here and now. 

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