What to Look for When Hiring a Professional Copywriter

One of the first things to understand when hiring a professional Copywriter is the difference between a Marketing Copywriter and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriter. Both are highly skilled, but the results you want to achieve will determine which one to look for when hiring.

Before you select a writer, ask the following two important questions as they relate to your project; these will help you know what to look for when hiring.

Question 1: What Results are You Seeking?

Do you know what you want to say, but need help getting web traffic?

If so, you want to hire an SEO Copywriters to do that job. They differ from Marketing Copywriters because their main focus is creation of copy that has a primary goal of drawing attention to your website. SEO elements included in the marketing copy on your website continue to work at this goal while also promoting your product, service or idea.

By using technical SEO skills when creating promotional copy, SEO Copywriters help your website list high in search engine results, which will multiply visitor counts merely by having that high placement.

Do you need help crafting your basic message, story, or "hook?"

If you are seeking a professional Copywriter to produce the basic communication nuts and bolts for your product, service, or idea, seek out the expertise of a Marketing or Creative Copywriter.

They work mainly with a unique selling point (USP) and manipulate language to create copy that is easily understandable and that motivates readers to take action. Use these writers for all your offline and social marketing.

Question 2: What Professional Qualities Should a Copywriter Possess?

For all your writing jobs, look for a Copywriter who has industry experience and a creative ability to communicate ideas. Using a professional writer will save you time and that translates into better use of money as well as better results.

You do not need to seek out someone possessing a doctorate in philosophy (Ph.D.); a solid background of successful paid experience as a freelance writer will do. Look at portfolio samples to determine how the writer works with words and ideas, and to get a feel for their tone, attitude, and how they handle serious matters.

The writer who has studied SEO techniques will produce a different written product than the general marketing Copywriter. They know how to incorporate keywords to enhance search engine placement that will strengthen the position of a website in browser searches. These writers are experienced with use of keywords, meta tags, descriptions, and title creation that will draw the attention of search engines.

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