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Staffing Setbacks: What to Do When Your Employees Are Leaving

Losing an employee can cost you thousands of dollars; employee turnover is, for that reason, a serious concern in the business world. What can you do to keep your staff, though, especially if you're finding that people aren't sticking around?

Find Out Why Employees Are Leaving

It's typical for employees to leave in waves or groups. When one employee is dissatisfied, that dissatisfaction can begin to leak into areas of his or her work and infect other employees as well.

Employees will talk about the good and bad of your business. If you're currently paying lower than other companies in the field, that is sure to reach your employees. If your breaks aren't long enough or your employees feel unappreciated, that's sure to rub off on others, too.

Address Employee Concerns

After you find out why employees are leaving your company, it's time to take action. Sit down with your employees in a group and talk about what they'd like to see change. If you think they won't be as forthcoming for fear of retaliation or the scrutiny of others, you can collect anonymous tips for how to improve your business. A free, online survey is a great way to get feed back. Try Survey Monkey, or a similar service.

Make sure you address each concern with all your employees. They may have a variety of ways they'd like to see changes happen. Most of the time, all the employees, or at least several, will have the same concerns, so addressing them publicly can help.

Show Progress to Your Employees

After you address the concerns your employees list off, it's time to make a process on fixing those issues. It can be time-consuming and impractical to fix everything immediately, but your employees are likely to stick around longer if you can show that changes are taking place.

  • Did your employees want a lounge for break times? Even if you can't do that immediately, putting out a few comfortable chairs or adding a conversational set to your current break room could show you're working on addressing that concern.
  • Did they want to have wage increases? Starting employee reviews to see who can get a raise or reducing costs to prepare for a wage increase can help; make sure your employees are kept up-to-date on the changes being made.

When it's Time to Hire Again

When you're looking for a long-term team, finding the right staff is key. Make sure any new hires will be a good fit for your company culture. A great place to start? A staffing agency that knows what talent is looking for in potential employers. At Artisan Talent, we can help you find the right fit for both of you!

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