7 reasons why working with a recruiter is a good idea

In this day of fast-paced applicant tracking systems and online job applications, getting feedback about your qualifications or input on the job is often a challenge. Frankly, it’s hard to know if anyone has even had a chance to review your submission.

This has become frustrating for many. Job and resumé feedback can help you guide your search and is encouraging. No one likes sending their resumé into a black hole.

If you're looking for a little more feedback and a lot more love, you may want to consider working with a Recruiter in your job search. Here are some of our favorite reasons...

7 Reasons Why Working with a Recruiter is a Good Idea

  1. There's Someone On Your Side

    A Recruiter is a consultant acting on your behalf. They are as committed to finding you that perfect new role as you are. They are pro-actively advocating for you and thinking of new opportunities.

  2. They Have The Inside Scoop

    A Recruiter often understands the company culture and processes a future employee will face that would be much harder to find out on your own. Your own research can only go so far. Recruiters often provide details not listed on job descriptions and many have actually visited the office of the companies they are hiring for.

  3. Negotiating Salary Is Simple

    A Recruiter can negotiate salary and benefits salary and benefits on your behalf, based on the parameters you have shared. They are also knowledgeable about a client or a specific role’s salary range and benefits offering so they can remove the guesswork before you even apply.

  4. Get Seen First

    When Recruiters are engaged on a candidate search, resumés from Recruiters go to the top of the pile (assuming your Recruiter has a good relationship with the client).

  5. Typos Be GonE

    An extra set of professional eyes on your resumé or portfolio is incredibly important (especially when there are employment gaps or just to eliminate those typos). Recruiters can consult on needed edits or changes.

  6. You Get Insider Access

    Not all jobs are publicly listed online. Maybe the company is replacing someone or wants to fill a new role quickly. A Recruiter has access to opportunities that are not listed on job boards.

  7. Free Interview Prep

    You'll usually have to interview with a Recruiter to start your relationship, so you get a bonus practice session for your interview techniques. Plus, your Recruiter can help you prepare for the interview when the time comes.

Having a Recruiter on your team can be the difference between landing the perfect role and sitting home by yourself wishing for that great job. Consider signing up with a recruitment agency who places people in your area of expertise. You’ll be glad you did!

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Editor's Note: This post was inspired by and partially orginally written by our sister company Artisan Creative.

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