Ways to Build Better Remote Client Relationships

How to Build Relationships With Remote Clients

Working remotely, though it has its obvious perks, can be tough on relationship-building. Especially if you are freelance, it can be tough to maintain relationships with your clients—yet, you know the relationship is just as important while you’re working as when you’re not working together! So today we want to tackle some tips we’ve found useful in helping freelancers maintain great relationships with their remote clients.

1. Be a Strong Communicator

We’re talking quick responses, respectful communication, and detailed communication that answers questions—even before they’re asked. Get to be a pro on whatever project management software they use. Be upfront about expectations on deliverables and offer regular check-ins (even if the client doesn’t touch base with you). Be aware of how you communicate best, too, and get to know their communication style so you can match it. Be mindful that touching base over coffee, even virtually, is always better than email. So try to take the time to work in a half-hour meeting every once in a while to see each others’ faces.

2. Offer and Receive Feedback Gracefully

It’s important to ask for feedback and to implement changes professionally. The feedback you receive will help improve your offering and help you better understand the client’s needs. The client will also appreciate that you care to get the job done right and to their standards. There will also be situations where you will need to step up and offer your advice, whether on project specs or team dynamics, for the job to run smoother. If you’re a senior in your field, remember to find respectful ways of helping them to improve their offerings. After all, they have hired you for both your talent and your years of expertise.

3. Be Reliable

They’ll always remember you for your professionalism and reliability during projects—the way that you met deadlines, accepted and acted on feedback, and delivered high-quality work. During your off-times, you check in with them to see how they are doing and whether or not they need your services. And, similarly, if you are unable to take on their latest project, then you go the extra mile to…

4. Tap them into your Network

Mutually beneficial relationships include referrals. When you can introduce clients to other freelancers in your network who offer related services, you become equally indispensable. Likewise, they are likely to recommend you to their peers who may be looking for work like yours. Side note: be sure that you’re keeping your portfolio up to date. You never know when your client will be recommending you and you’d like to unknowingly put your best foot forward for any potential new client.

5. Exchange Reviews and Recommendations

One way to show your appreciation is by thanking them for hiring you for the gig, perhaps by sending a card, a gift of cute stationary, or a box of office snacks for the team. Another way to show your appreciation that costs nothing? Offer reviews. Companies can always use positive reviews from those who love working for them. Write up positive employee reviews on places like Glassdoor or recommend your favorite professionals on their LinkedIn pages. In return, they are likely to offer a quote for your personal portfolio or return a LinkedIn recommendation. It’s also totally appropriate to ask for results on projects that you completed together. Add these results to your resume and portfolio.

Bonus tip: Offer discounts on services for loyal clients. This tip works especially well when you feel you can easily tack on an additional service that won’t be difficult for you but helps your customer’s project exponentially. For example, you may be an illustrator, charging full price for a poster illustration, but can also offer graphic design for a discounted fee. Discounts are likely to be reciprocated in further work with the client. Just don’t offer them all the time—you’ll know when the situation feels right based on the appropriate boundaries you’ve set together over time.

If you’re a freelancer looking to work with top clients, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our job board and get in touch if you see something that would be a perfect fit!

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