10 Steps to the Perfect Hire

Finding the perfect fit job candidate with the right set of in-demand skills is getting harder and harder. CIO says, "According to a recent study on hiring trends, the number of workers hired as freelance or contract workers has risen in the past two years, and it’s expected to increase."

How can you make sure you're hiring the best in this new gig economy? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The Most Essential Steps to Hiring the Best

Try these 10 tips when it comes to finding the perfect hire for your newly vacant or newly created position.

1. Keep Your Options Open

The first thing to keep in mind? You no longer need a permanent, in office, full-time employee to fill a vacant or new position. Consider freelance, temp-to-perm, or contract employees. Not sure how to hire that way? This guide to hiring freelancers will help.

2. Develop A Stunning Job Description

Whether you're hiring freelance or full time, make sure you develop a great job description that accurately reflects your needs and the position's responsibilities.

3. Research Salary

Make sure to set a competitive salary range. Make sure your offer is on par with what competitors are offering. Not sure what job seekers are expecting? Consult a salary guide for current norms in your region and industry.

4. Diversify Your Sources

Make sure to vary your sourcing strategy for new candidates. Choose a diverse combination of sources by using online job boards, recruiters, staffing agencies, and social media sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc.

Don't count out employee referrals either - they actually make better hires!

5. Review Resumes Carefully

Evaluate resumés and portfolios carefully. Check for soft skills, technical abilities, and software proficiencies that will best suit your needs and company culture.

6. Start With Phone InterviewS

Narrow the field of potential candidates by starting with telephone or video interviews. Checking in virtually with the most promising candidates helps narrow down your interview list and will save you time when it comes to the next step.

7. Conduct a Select Few In-Person Interviews

After you've narrowed down your list of potential hires, schedule and conduct in-person, one-on-one interviews with your top picks. Use good interview questions that allow you to understand if potential employees would fit in your culture and determine if their skills would be a good fit for the role.

8. Compare, Contrast, Consult

Don't forget to use consistent criteria when you're evaluating interviewees and check references personally.

9. Offer Away

When you find the person you love for the job, don’t delay in making an offer. The best, most talented creative professionals are in high demand and will be snapped up quickly. 

10. Make It Official

When a candidate accepts your offer, send over a copy in writing and pick a prompt start date. That way, they won't be waiting to start and wondering if they made the right decision.

Bonus Tip: Get Help

Hiring can be an exciting, busy, and even stressful time. Looking for the perfect hire can be a bit daunting, but you don't have to go it alone. See how a staffing agency can help ease your hiring burden.

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