what industries are hiring this year?

5 Industries that are Hiring in 2023

While the news of tech layoffs made headlines in December 2022 and into 2023, there are other industries that are doing well—and even still hiring. As we’ve already reported, unemployment is still down (only 3.5%), especially amongst those with college degrees (under 2%). Because all this positivity has been overlooked recently, we’d like to turn our attention to those booming industries and offer some hope for anyone looking for their next gig. 

Here are the top industries that are still hiring in 2023 (in no particular order—they’re all great!):

1. Healthcare

Brand examples: United Health Group, CVS Health

Maybe you already know this, but healthcare prices have skyrocketed already between December and January. While it did contribute to the reevaluation of budgets within smaller companies (followed by layoffs and stagnant salaries), the healthcare industry is doing fine. Look into local creative agencies that specialize in healthcare-related marketing. Check out larger corporations that develop healthcare needs (like Johnson & Johnson or Unilever) for job openings. After all, there are so many aspects of the healthcare industry—not just the medical side. Retail is also hiring (as we’ll cover) and so health, beauty, medications, and more divisions of healthcare will need marketing, content, data, and creative experts to help sell their products.  

2.  Business Services and Insurance

Brand Examples: Cigna, Allstate, Liberty Mutual

Insurance—from auto to healthcare to housing—is an industry that is doing very well and shows no signs of slowing. People are looking for reassurance now while the economy is in flux, so it makes sense that insurance companies are in need of marketing and creative individuals to keep up with and deliver messaging on that need. Be sure to look into working at your local insurance companies, too, which typically attract lifelong customers. In terms of business services, cybersecurity jobs are up as are many other supportive IT jobs. While tech layoffs were big last month, data and content still need protection and upkeep—perhaps now more than ever as technology grows smarter by the day. If you’ve been looking to break into this once-exclusive industry, now seems to be the best time to get your foot in the door.

3. Travel and Hospitality

Brand Examples: United Airlines, Hyatt, Expedia Group

Travel has been way up post-pandemic, now that many people are looking to get back out and explore the world. Plus big life changes that include travel—relocating, marriage, career changes—are always in need of an industry that is equipped to help. Another bonus of working in this industry? They’re also one of the industries to offer remote jobs in 2023. Hospitality also includes the service industry, which also shows no signs of major layoffs these days. So if you enjoy travel and customer service with the additional benefits of a flexible work life, this industry might be calling your name.

4. Retail

Brand Examples: L’Oréal, Square, Honda

Retail can get a bad rap sometimes due to its connection to consumer culture and waste—but that doesn’t mean there aren’t retailers out there striving for change. So look into retailers who are aligned with your values, culturally, environmentally, and socially. One aspect of retail that is doing well is the automotive industry (mostly because traveling is back in a big way). Another is the health and beauty industry, thanks to a combination of humans getting social again and the desire to prioritize self-care after a harrowing pandemic. Whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time, or freelance opportunities, there are enough positions for everyone in retail right now.  

5. Entertainment

Brand Examples: HBO, NFL

While there’s been a focus on layoffs within media (especially news media), bigger entertainment brands like HBO and the NFL are still hiring. The ongoing need amongst viewers for big-budget television shows, as well as ongoing sports events will always be present in our culture. These are brands that have been around for a while and have managed to stay ahead of the social curve, offering a regular escape and excitement for viewers. They also find different ways of merchandising and promoting their content—and it takes a village to keep all teams, from retail to PR, running smoothly. If you were previously with a smaller media company or one that relied solely on subscriptions to carry the weight of their budgets, maybe it’s time to check out what larger entertainment brands have to offer.  

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