7 Ways Job Hunting is Like Dating

7 Ways Job Hunting is Like Dating

There are some striking similarities between job hunting and dating. Think about it, you use apps like LinkedIn and Bumble, if you get the job interview/first date you have to be on your best behavior, and you’re ultimately looking for the perfect match between two people!

So when it comes to job hunting, use what you know about the dating process to make the match happen.

Here are seven things these two hunts have in common:

  1. Your Profile Photo Matters

    You only have 6 seconds to make a good impression. Whether you’re being swiped right, left, or down, the first impression your profile photo makes will determine whether you get that first contact call and ultimately the job interview.

    Like it or not, if your LinkedIn photo sucks, you might not get that job. Check out this post to see if you need a new profile picture.

  2. You Must Find Your Type

    When you put yourself out there online you need to be on the right website. Meet your ideal match by using reputable sites like LinkedIn over questionable ones like Craigslist or “Design for $5.”

  3. Know You Will Be Googled

    Just as you can expect your date to scope out your Facebook profile, know a potential employer will check out your Google presence, LinkedIn profile, etc. Make sure they’re finding the right information.
  1. Dress to Impress

    Dressing well will always help, whether you’re on a date or a job interview. Take a moment to research the dress code and culture of the place you’ll be interviewing and aim to match. Get more tips on office attire here.
  2. Be Prepared

    Make sure when you’re headed to an interview or prepping for a phone screen that you have your updated resume, directions or call in number, and anything else you’ll need to succeed.

    Need more prep advice? Here's an example of 10 GIFS showing you what NOT to do.

  3. Skip Dangerous Topics

    Controversial conversations like politics, marriage status, etc. have no place in a job interview. Keep it professional and focused.

    And remember, you don’t have to answer questions HIPPA has deemed illegal. See #5 in this post for how to handle that.
  4. Don’t Call Too Soon

    It’s absolutely okay to ask when you should expect to hear about a follow-up from a potential employer, and you should send a thank you note, but let the employer make the first move when it comes to reaching out with next steps.


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